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Luke Schenn | #2 | D

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1 hour ago, Virtanen#18 said:

If this guy was a bit grateful for the opportunity to ressurect his career, he would've accepted a 1-year, $1.5M by now....  he's probably holding out for 2-year, $4M.... 

He deserves to test the waters.. chances are nobody else watched his last few games with us..  but for me, I’d sign him term up to 3 years but moveable.. 


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On 2/27/2019 at 8:11 AM, rekker said:

Interesting fact. Schenn and Edler were teammates on the Kelowna Rockets in 05/06.

Lol. Must be bored and surfing my Hockey DB. Meyers, Schenn, Edler were all Kelowna Rockets teammates in 05/06. 

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23 hours ago, steviewonder20 said:

And there goes Hughes’ big brother protector.

Never fear... Myers or Benn will fill that role.


Benn has already said he is ready to step up and act as a big brother to some of the Canucks rookies.

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I like bringing back Luke.  He may not be fleet of foot, but we've got one of those.  What he brings is that he doesn't put up with any crap, has the strength to clear the front of the net, and he hits hard.  His hits are like two of anybody else's.  He's perfect for a seventh guy because we know what he brings and he just has to play his game and let the other skill guys do their thing.  GCG!

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