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Official HSG Team Draft Thread

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Welcome to the draft thread.


Current rosters had won the poll I put up in the game thread.  Therefore, rosters being used will be updated as of the TD last week.  However, all picks will remain with their original team (Ex. Ottawa won't have all their additional 1sts and 2nds that they acquired but will have their own 1st pick (which was traded to COL in real life)


Please refer to https://www.capfriendly.com for all rosters.  We will ask all GMs to submit a list of 10 prospects upon completion of the draft to round out the roster completion


After 5 separate randomizations, we figured out an order.




9. @Elitias Pettersson


18. @Baer.

19. @Doubt Tea

20. @Blue Jay 22

21. @MikeyBoy44

22. @kj29

23. (join in progress)

24. (join in progress)

25. (join in progress)

26. (join in progress)

27. (join in progress)

28. (join in progress)

29. (join in progress)

30. (join in progress)

31. @Alain Vigneault



We don't have all 31 but I expect people will see this and want to join.  In that scenario, any newcomers will just be placed after the 22nd GM.  I'll select last.


Make your selection and tag the general manager under you to notify them that they are up.


3 hour limit per GM.  If you're unable to make the selection, message myself or @Sane33 by PM or Kik.


Main thread will be updated after each selection is made, so keep an eye on there if you're unsure over which teams are available.


Happy drafting.

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17 hours ago, WalkWithElias40 said:

We pick the Vancouver Canucks


@TheMagicMan your up!


12 hours ago, Tanev said:

Tampa Bay Lightning @Elitias Pettersson


10 hours ago, Alain Vigneault said:

@morrissex95 selects Winnipeg via shortlist


@Master Mind has until 12 PM EST (9 AM PST) tomorrow.


Skipped picks can make up their selections overnight if they wish.


40 minutes ago, Zhukini said:

Sabres please 


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