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(Signing)Mark Stone ext. 8 years AVV 9.5 mil

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1 hour ago, aGENT said:

Ferland certainly has  the perception of providing that element. How regularly and for how long given his own health concerns are pretty big red flags IMO.


We have literally two 2nd liner types (including Pearson)... and a frequently broken Baer.  And 2 1st liners in Pettersson/Boeser. Again, Not saying Dzingel is more than a 2nd liner but we need more capable top 6 bodies until draft picks/kids are ready to replace (and improve upon) them. I love the Leivo trade but he should be playing 3rd line/2nd line fill in and a Dzingel or similar would be a pretty clear upgrade any way you slice it. And again, long term, I'd see him replacing Baer on the 2nd line as kids take over the 1LW role (and we move on from Baer).


Roussel (love him to pieces), or any of our abundance of bottom 6 depth, is not a reason to to not upgrade the top 6 IMO.


I'd happily start next year with a vastly improved top 6, something like:


Dzingel/Baer, Pettersson, Boeser

Baer/Dzingel, Horvat Pearson

Leivo, Gaudette, Virtanen

Roussel, Beagle, Sutter




That's a FAR more threatening top 6 IMO (while not mistaking it for a contending top 6) with solid bottom 6 guys who can move up for stints in the top 6 with injuries. As prospects become ready, you trade out Baer and Sutter to make space. Eventually sliding Dzingel down to 2LW as a kid takes over 1LW. Then phase out Pearson/Leivo as kids replace them in a couple years.

Whatever perception Ferland has in terms of physicality, it is certainly more than what we have now. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't overpay for Ferland either, but if it's a choice between Ferland or Dzingel, then I'd choose Ferland, but yes his health and potential contract demands are worrisome, so I'm not really pushing for the idea either.


Dzingel may be decent, especially if he can hit at least 60 points with us, but my point is that just doesn't seem like enough of an upgrade. If this contract year for him is just a surge and say he drops back to a 45-50 point guy, well it's just not much of an improvement over what we have already. It's not like Dzingel is "proven" which is why I brought up his history and we would be banking on him continuing to improve or at least remain consistent with his production now. It's a gamble to pay a guy his UFA price to come to a non-contender whether it's salary or term.


I know Roussel is not the typical top 6 option, but he looked decent with Horvat and is also having career numbers. He will find himself throughout the lineup wherever needed. 


Eriksson just doesn't disappear for us (even though some may like to see that) and there are guys like Spooner as well. We have enough of a log jam as it is and it's not worth the juggling act for a minor upgrade IMO.


I get what you're saying though, I just don't feel like Dzingel is the answer.

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26 minutes ago, theo5789 said:

If this contract year for him is just a surge and say he drops back to a 45-50 point guy, well it's just not much of an improvement over what we have already.

Joshua Leivo

43 9 7 16
27 4 2 6

Sven Baertschi


23 8 5 13


Ryan Dzingel

57 22 22 44
14 2 6 8



...not much of an improvement....? :blink:


Sorry, have to disagree.

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1 hour ago, aGENT said:

He'd instantly be our best winger not named Boeser.


By a mile.


Feel free to 'agree to disagree' that water is wet too :P



I never said he wouldn't be better (offensively on paper) than the wingers that we have. I've just said that he's not a big enough improvement compared to what he may command as a UFA joining a currently non-contender.


I guess we will see if he continues or at least keeps his progress rather than playing for a contract year. Pearson and Baertschi are basically 40-50 point guys and I still believe Leivo is better than his numbers indicate. Ryan Spooner has shown he's also capable of 40-50 points. Roussel was on pace for 40 points despite being a "bottom 6" guy. Dzingel is on pace for 60 points. 10-20 point increase (playing with another player on a contract year who's also having a career season and played with another winger in Ottawa also on a contract year having a career season), but there's going to be the added cost and term.


It's really going to come down to what his asking price will be. Either he's looking for a pay day or takes a reasonable deal with a current contender.

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Dear Mark, give your self a pat on the back. 


You made it big time. Got paid. 


No need to train this summer. Just mail it in for the next 7 years and make Vegas regret every penny :)


Feel free to start trying 8th year so you can get another deal. 

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30 minutes ago, VancouverHabitant said:

What a monster series for Stone : 6G , 6A for 12 points in 7 games.  

Carried them on his back. 

I hate using this hockey word, but he’s a “beauty”. Is everything you want in a player, on and off the ice.

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