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[Signing] Canucks sign Josh Teves

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Nice addition - it never hurts to have another puck-moving prospect in the system.

I don't agree with the pitb types - new age pond hockey advocates - who apparently think you should ice an entire lineup of puck movers (you need some hard minutes guys like Edler, Tanev or comparables imo) - but nice to see the Canucks got out ahead of this and laid the grounwork to sign him.

Nice addition.

Hoping they can manage one more college FA signing - maybe a RHD like Hutton.

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2 minutes ago, Tortorella's Rant said:

Don't expect a lot. 24 years old playing college hockey for a reason.

Yeah to finish his degree. Could have signed last year, teams wanted him. Don't need to expect anything from a free prospect. Win win.

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So here's the thing for the 'logjam' folks.


Tanev is always injured, assuming he's even here in two years. I like him, but reality is he may well get moved for a return. Edler will probably be back for two years, and is also injured more frequently.


Moreover, these prospects we have may or may not go the way of Corrado (etc), where they're almost good enough but... not quite. So they don't make it. Or, they ARE good enough, do make it, and leave options to trade other players for a return. Whether it's prospect for prospect/pick or as part of a larger trade.


Assuming we're going to be dressing a lineup of 9 left sided d-men for the next decade is VancouverSportsRadioIdiot bait, not set in reality.

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