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MLB fantasy league

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8 team (2 division)

4 teams make playoffs

Division winners given top seeds


12 team (4 division)

6 teams make playoffs

Division winners given top seeds


Batter stats







Pitcher stats


Strike outs





Draft order determined by guessing the number of total shots in an upcoming Canucks game. Closest to number picks where they draft, next closest get next choice. If there is a tie, the one who didn't go over wins. If they picked the same total then it'll go to who made the prediction first.


This will not be a keeper league but we will play every year, and hopefully fill some spots if people quit. Next draft will be determined by standings. Winner gets first choice of where they pick and so on. So no tanking ;)


Draft picks can be traded, but cannot trade 1st and 2nd round picks.


Trades can be vetoed by managers, I believe it's 60% or 75% that needs to veto for it to be vetoed on yahoo


Once playoffs start, rosters will be locked and you won't be able to pick up anyone off of waivers/FA. 


Must have a yahoo account as I will be setting it up through yahoo, we can decided a good draft date. Also interested in setting up a CDC fantasy league in NFL, NHL, and NBA if anyone is interested in that when they start up again.


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