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[Proposal]Canucks signing Duchene would tick a lot of boxes

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Canucks signing Duchene would tick a lot of boxes


1) A relatively low AAV:  I use the word “relative” because I don’t think Duchene could be had at less than 9 million......maybe in the high 8’s?  Compared to guys like Stone and Karlsson, I think that’s pretty decent value:


2) A super top line:  

Duchene-Pettersson-Boeser would be a very formidable scoring line.


3) Left wing would become a big strength:  If Duchene signed here, we would be fairly deep on LW all of a sudden.   Duchene would be in our top line while Pearson would move down to a more appropriate 2nd line.  Roussel and Baertschi would round out the bottom 6 left side.


4) Duchene’s presence would also guarantee depth down the middle.  Duchene also plays center.  If a guy like Sutter was to break a fingernail and be out for 10 weeks, you could simply move Duchene to center and have Horvat anchor the 3rd Line.  Either way - we would be less susceptible to injuries down the middle.

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I agree with everyone No Thanks... He will be getting at least 8.5--9.0 million and several teams will be chasing him....

We need to sign a Top not D man if we are going to spend that kind of money?? We are two years away from making playoffs...

Are D is the weak position at this time...

We have to watch signing UFA to big contracts at 28 years old....We have Boser to sign this summer, Pattersson and Hughes in 2 years

Other RFA to resign this summer ( Hutton, Leivo, Demko, Goldy )     -- Markstrom UFA next season ..

After re signing are 4 RFA and Edler we should have  between 7 - 9 million left

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Pass...I always thought Duchene is a great individual player, but he is not a team player (and that has nothing to do with character or the Uber incident).  The guy is talented, he will gets his share of point, but that's it.  He doesn't make guys around him better, he doesn't make his teams win.  Look everywhere he's been. 


Colorado has been better since he left, he didn't help Ottawa at all, despite having good numbers.    I've said this before, but I put him in the same class a Ryan O'Reilly or Phil Kessel.  Great individual players, but doesn't make players around him better.  Kessel was a much better play in Toronto, however, it wasn't until he arrived in Pittsburgh that he finally found his spot, which is being a complement to two superstars.  Duchene is the same, he was overshadowing Landeskog and MacKinnon in Colorado.  As much, as I like Pettersson, he's not Crosby/Malkin yet and I wouldn't want Duchene to overshadow him either.  


We might get a few good statistical season from Duchene, but won't make us win.  Plus that backend of the contract will be an albatross IMO.

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