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Telus or shaw for cable/internet? Which do you prefer and why?



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My shaw bill is getting out of hand and I'm looking at ways to save money.  I've been combing Google and reddit and I can't come up with a definitive answer so I am turning to the best Damn online community on the web.  


So.. Telus or shaw for cable and internet?


Go Canucks Go!

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I currently have Shaw 150 , no cable subscription, for abut $80/month


The service and speed is good. I also like having access to the many ShawOpen hotspots


I think Telus is finally installing fibre optik in my complex but for now I am content

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Telus. Found it way better. And they offer pure fiber in my area whereas Shaw doesn't.


Find Telus customer service to be way better than Shaw, both on the phone and the people they send to my home. 


Negotiate. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. They want you, don't sound like you want them. 


I have Telus 300/300 + 3 bonus TV channel bundles + the sports bundle + the time shift bundle + my netflix paid for all for the price of what Telus 150 costs.

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Could just be the wiring in the house I live in but we had to have 3 tech visits just to get one cable box to work over 3 months. Why did they have to come back after they got it working the first time? Well, the cord of the cable converter was unplugged....... :blink:


One of the techs was alright but the other two basically stood in the room talking about random bs wasting our time we had to take off work to accommodate them while the HQ figured out what was wrong. When I asked what that was the guy got an uncomfortable look on his face and changed the subject. Clearly dog fornicating to justify a service call charge.


The final time I needed their services I used the online chat function and they set up a separate box just fine. Total Clown show.


Probably best to look for offers of free terms and play them against each other. They do free years etc if you switch but if you prefer competence, don't expect it from all of Shaw's techs.


Edit: A former coworker of mine also had YEARS of problems with shaw sending bad signal to his building. Every few days the digital TV would start crapping out. That took about ten service calls and I can't remember the problem but it wasn't the building's wiring or the cables outsite of it. 

Can still recall trying to watch the superbowl while every five seconds it looks like morpheus was trying to contact us :picard:


I was always a huge fan of SEGA CHANNEL though 



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Shaw has the absolute worst upload speeds for example their Shaw 600 plan has 20mbps upload speed and 7.5 mbps on their 75 plan. So if you do any cloud based things, streaming, gaming essentially anything where your putting information back on the internet Shaw sucks.

Telus plans always match the download speed so if you have 150 download you have 150 upload.

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play them both against each other for the best price ,  I settled on telus  , but what a pain in the ass  for them to install 3 boxes   , the tech was in such a hurry he bailed and wanted me to do his work for him  , I called customer service threating to switch  , I got even more of a deal and had another tech back in a hour to finish the install 

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I’m on Shaw.  I was paying about $180/month for TV and internet 30. Complained and was going to cancel then they sold me Blue Sky tv for $75/month.  That gets me internet 150 (which was just upgraded to 300) as well as basic channels.  You can add bundle channels so I added SPN and TSN for $15 bucks. 

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Telus usually has the faster plans (and occasionally better pricing) but when it comes to customer service and the overall business model I choose Shaw everyday. 


Telus sends out their con artist sales people door to door, to prey on typically older folks, promising them better service than they have at a better price (usually before even knowing what kind of plan that person is currently on).  Once they get your signature (and they won't leave your door without a signature - good luck getting them to leave info so you can do your own research, they won't), you usually find out months later that there was some "key" detail that sales person left out.  But too late, you're on a 2 year contract now!  


If you can live with a company that preys on seniors (amongst other people) with tactics like I described above, then by all means choose Telus.  Just hope that you never have to call one of their customer service centers.  They have no concept of customer loyalty.  Whether you're a 10 year customer or just signed your contract, prepare to be treated like crap.


Shaw isn't perfect, but they are a much more pleasant company to deal with.  

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