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[GDT] 03/20/2019 Ottawa Senators vs Vancouver Canucks - Diary of a Sens Fan

Twilight Sparkle

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Line ups from the previous game. *Card subject to change.









Sens fans haven't had much to cheer about all year, or for much of the past couple of years. Things are starting to escalate in Kanata



After attempting to sue Mcdonalds, the Sens fan turns on their TV for some hockey games.



Sens fans arent the only ones suffering from that team's woes, the inner politics are getting out of control


"Maybe we can hire the cat as the new GM, since Eugene doesn't wanna pay anyone!"


Speaking of Eugene, contracts are a hot topic issue in that organization.



Even the NHL's getting in on kicking this team while they're down



Some Canucks fans don't get off so easy, though D:





Some news and notes:




a run in from Nilly uwu who may get the start. Loooots of "uh's" XD "i really don't want to be here rn"



Crow speaks with the media following their practice. Pokes fun at himself for blowing up at refs. "If you don't believe me, look on youtube" XD i miss Crow




First and foremost, with 27 goals to his name already, Pettersson is in line to join Bure and Trevor Linden as the only Canucks rookies to score 30 goals in a season. If he keeps finding the scoresheet at the same rate, too, Pettersson can become the first 70-point rookie in franchise history and Vancouver’s first 70-point skater since Henrik and Daniel Sedin each hit the mark back in 2014-15. Thus, when it comes to Pettersson, there’s no question he’s going to win the Calder. Really, the only question is by what margin.


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1 minute ago, TNucks1 said:

honestly lol wth was that about, what was it for.

Ladies and gentlemen, YOU are the “7th Canuck.” Congratulations. Here’s to creating the most false starts in the entire NHL.

Indeed, fans are still buzzing (and snickering) about the Vancouver Canucks’ blatant rip-off of the Seattle Seahawks’ “12th man” gimmick (which was, oddly enough, blatantly ripped off from Texas A&M.)

Tying with this for “most uncomfortable sports moment of the weekend”, Saturday’s ceremony involved Cliff Ronning, a wonky microphone, a random fan, some sort of lever device, a big sign with a “7” on it, the chanting-style music from those creepy Rickard’s Red commercials and – most of all – the confusion of approximately 18,000 paying customers. And so began a new tradition for the Canucks.

(Shakes head.)

Let’s start by saying this. They’re obviously trying, and in a way it’s endearing. Because there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get the fans more involved in the game. But like they say in the entertainment world, it’s all in the delivery. And the Canucks delivered this whole “7th Canuck” thing about as smoothly as Howie Meeker on the telestrator after 12 cups of coffee and a gram of Colombia’s finest.

Beyond breaking the most important rule of sports ceremonies (which is to never make a guy take off his shirt during them) there’s something about forcing a tradition on a fanbase that really doesn’t sit well.

Corporate brainstorming didn’t create “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in Liverpool, nor did it come up with the idea to throw the opponent’s home-run ball back at Wrigley Field. Now, if only the Canucks had some sort of tradition that represents the bond that fans can create with their team.

Oh, gee, wait. We already have one of those. One of the greatest, actually. The white towel, born in 1982 when the Canucks made their first run to the Stanley Cup finals.

This wasn’t a case of the team copying Myron Cope’s “Terrible Towel” with the Pittsburgh Steelers. It happened because the Canucks were getting screwed by the refs and the late Roger Neilson was pissed off, so he raised a towel on a stick in mock surrender.

Now that’s a tradition.

Why not raise a banner that says “Towel Power” and hand out white towels every game? You couldn’t get a corporate sponsor on board there? Tough times or not, what a branding opportunity: a commemorative towel with your company’s name on it. I’ve still got all mine from past playoffs – I use them as dish towels.

Would that get a little tired, white towels at every game? If it were up to me, I’d limit it to the playoffs. Which makes me think, if white towels would get tiring, how bad is this “7th Canuck” thing going to get if the sheer awkwardness that was demonstrated on Saturday isn’t remedied and soon?

Remember that the Seahawks only have to raise their “12th man” flag eight times per season, not including the postseason. The Canucks have 39 regular-season games left at home.

Add to the equation that the 70,000 – not 18,000 – fans at Qwest Field have reason to take pride in the whole “12th man” thing because it actually helps their team, plus the fact that the person raising the flag isn’t just some fan – it’s always a Seattle favourite like Ichiro, Apolo Ohno, Mack Strong or a cup of coffee – and the Seahawks have a slight advantage over the Canucks in their extra-man gimmick.

From now on, maybe the Canucks should just raise the big “7” quietly and hope nobody notices.


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17 minutes ago, Twilight Sparkle said:

i remember watching the 7th canuck thing live and thought, wtf is this? 2008 was a funny year

yeah didnt really get into hockey untill 09-10 and watched maybe half or less of the games and watched play offs, but after 2011 is when i got into watching most of the games and following the team.

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