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[GDT] 03/20/2019 Ottawa Senators vs Vancouver Canucks - Diary of a Sens Fan

Twilight Sparkle

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10 hours ago, TheGuardian_ said:

Ottawa doesn't want to give Colorado the best odds and have won a couple.

Vancouver is still trying to get points every game.


Lots of young guys full of adrenaline with Ottawa winning as many games or more than the carefully slowly built Canucks.


I figured the Nucks would win 4 games awhile back, they have won three, one I didn't expect but then the Canucks are not playing to win, they are playing to get to OT or not lose, makes it easier because both teams will want a sure point this was one of the games is expected them to win.


The games are becoming very boring.

You want boring? You should check out the thread about firing Benning....err wait nvm.....

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Just now, Rindiculous said:

I'd be happy if Streets have no name and Holiday remain our intro and goal songs forever.  I'd like the siren to be brought back for some parts though.  Adds that extra oomph 

I would be happy to move on from both. 

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