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Reason to be excited but hold on,


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I am also excited but I am also worried what if the team ends up like Florida. 


If you look at Florida they have a really good roster and should have been a consistent playoff team by now. But, for whatever reason, they can't seem to get it together. And probably never will with that core.

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14 hours ago, kilgore said:

Anyone who, like moi, that read through  that entire OP should get some kind of reward. I won't criticize your grammar because you may have had another language as your first one, or are from another country. But you do go on, my word. You could have said the same thing in about 5 sentences.


No one is saying we are a contender now. Everyone actually agrees with you. You are fighting a straw man.

But we might be in a couple of years. That's optimistic but certainly possible if everything falls into place. We don't even know what player we will get this draft. Or if Tram will be back. Or if JB lands a bonifide star in FA.

or may have consumed 37 cocktails... 

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1 hour ago, Glug Datt said:

or may have consumed 37 cocktails... 

This happens to the best of us...a few posts I read that I’ve sent the day before and palm slap my forehead.  Just bad.  


As for the OP...thanks I guess.  You’ve called out the few delisional that think we are almost there.  As far as what can happen...it’s still a blue ocean scenario for us, in five years we will still have a young core.


Edit:  ha ha.  Delusional...delisional must be those that like delis so much that they see them wherever they go.

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On ‎3‎/‎30‎/‎2019 at 1:24 PM, Bertuzzi44ever said:

Rather stay modest, humble, patient we don’t want karma or the hockey gods going against us, and if anyone replies to this post just off my thread title without reading what I actually have to say it’s unfortunate because illl bring up fair points and I’ll be able to tell who has and who hasn’t read by the post so I’ll ignore. Soeed reAd fin uou have too!


I am excited for the first

time in awhile but with that excitement comes rational thought.


-every team has good cores, prospects and that doesent always equal success, especially right Away like we are in our development. This is the main point.


On paper were almost set to be a contender. Ugh. This is the worst saying. First of all we totally aren’t we still need st least two more options six forwards,

a few more d and a caoable

goalie and solid backup at the time we are a contender which  trying to hammer

home in here as much as we’d all love it ) I get it due to us having a taste of the finals and wanting to get back here soon)! When contending returns though. It actually has no time line. Here’s why:



And also here is why to the same oroolr

who say in two years we are a contender! Stop this crap people. Even saying in 4 or five years we are a contender is crap. Should be be in a good position, yeah probably and could we be a contender, absoljtely maybe and hopefully even sooner but there’s no guarantees look aroud you. In this league I mean. I’m not saying don’t get excited what I’m saying is this! : ....


its not ea sports where you put a team together and win out it’s  not your beer league, this is a 31 soon to be 32

teamvx league with parity galore and all teams spending to the cap with great  pipelines. So in any given night we can win and we can lose.


i would rather not  want hear we’re gonna be a contender until we either consistently make the playoffs or win a round but you guys can say what you want, I just think you’re setting yourself up for a fire Benning, fire green sad expectations if it doesent come true say next year or the year after..



We should be playoff contenders in the next couole years but barring a miracle run that’s where it should end for now in next 2-3 and if we ever become a cup contender look at how hard it is to do that.


buffalo Arizona Edmonton Carolina

Winnipeg Florida......


What do these 6 teams have in common? All of them like our Canucks now we’re high on most prospect lists for the past decade elite prospects hockey’s future quanthockey etc and do you know how much success they’ve had at becoming contenders since?!



catolina hadn’t made the playoffs in a decade and there d and offense has looked very good at times 


arizona has mad the playoffs twice in the last i don’t know 15 years. 


Edmonton has one playoff year in the last 12 seasons. With the best player in the world and anothe 100 pt player this year.


Bufflo hasn’t made the playoffs in 8 years yet have a core now of dahlin Eichel Reinhart skinner ristolainen pilut/McCabe with great up and comers Mittelstadt olofsson samurlsson ukko pekka luukonen asplund. laaksonen and maybe Nylander (and two first rounders this year)



Florida has had two yes two playoff appearances in twenty years and had yet to win a series since 1996 in the conference finals. Florida also has Barkov hunerfeau dadonoc Trocheck Hoffman bfusyad yandke ekblad and cant get it done either without s great core. So all of this adds to my point about our core and our expectation management.


so with our prospects being top notch just remember what I said above because in the last decade in hockey’s future it hadn’t amounted to anything sustainable quickly, of really ever any time soon after ...but it still can happen, and from the above teams I omitted the Jets because I wanted to mention them here. They’ve had success albeit marginal two playoff runs one wasn’t a run they we re swept but last year was a run to game five of conf. Finals. See how this worked but took time? And it’s the only one of the ones I listed ahoce that has worked!


assuming we’re going to be a contender in a few years because we have great prospects is ridiculous. Every team wants to win as much as us and it’s surely not all about who we have it’s about also how the other team plays and if the chemistry works on the ice,  not just on paper. (Again like a video game) or dxxx


however the fans and management can’t control on the ice, the management can only draft and make moves, developers while us fans can only hope and cheer and be faithful but most of all? Faithful and realistic, which are the main two points I’m trying to hammer home here as we move forward. We’re doing everything I feel we should for the most part and now it’s in the hands of the boys to turn the shop around slowly because it won’t happen over night. Even the leafs have this young core with some vets and still haven’t won a series in fifteen years. So again these things take time






-so yes finally jumping the gun on prospects, seeing what we want to believe rather then what is. This is going to be misunderstood for I stance brock Boeser did look like a Selanne sniper bure at times last year, Pettersen did oook like a getting it together Hebron sedin most of the year, Hughes did have a solid first game against la, but that’s what it was. A solid first game against....la. His move has been praised so much and while

i was happy to see it when I re watch it, it’s really not too different then most good dmen in this league make on any given night. Main difference being Hughes first nhl game and it ended up being an assist to boot. That and the crowd van oohhhinf and aweeing again you have fans who’ve suffered through a lot wanting badly to see players who are special with a kid who is built for today’s game speedy and skillful, with confidence. But again people, patience. It’s been one game agains la I remember how gaga people have gone in the past over bieksa edler  stecher Hutton when they were all new and most not all made expectations but some dropped off a tad and not saying Hughes will because hisnootential id high and as said built for today’s game. It’s judt a reminder we need to wait and see still.




-we still don’t sit in a good soot in the standings for the fourth straight year as is, third or fourth last in worst conference, (either swept or lost in 5 or 6 once each with five missed playoff) since 2011 meltdown. Yeah injuries everry team has them and I’ve heard his four years in a row. But it’s okay we’re rebuilding. Is is the term , we can’t change the past as that type of slogan should of come along time ago.



Be patient even the next couple years be excited but most of all the Canuck fan in your heart will thank you if you don’t pht

expectations on them to soon.


thank you for your time, go canucks go!

……………..and yet, Vegas went to the final last year. :emot-parrot: All kidding aside, we are in the Cap Era and other then the top 5 and the bottom 5 teams in the league, the rest are pretty comparable barring injuries, slumps etc.

I think the longer we go with this new core now the better our chances get, but I think most of know that does not mean that in a couple of years, the stars align, and we somehow make it to the finals. That's the fun part of sports is that there is no guarantee and even if you have the perfect team like you are suggesting, it still does not guarantee you anything.

On a side note, how is the NYI doing after getting rid of their best player last year? ::D

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