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[Proposal] NYR - VAN

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Don’t be put off Poet. This is how CDC armchairing works, you put up an idea and then you get ripped for it!


It also seems that once you are here long enough, you stop putting up ideas and just go with shooting down everyone else’s ideas...go figure!


Anyway, welcome to the forum!

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So to your trade idea...


It would be great to hear why you think each side would do this trade, keen to know your thoughts.


I can definitely see Shats adding offense from our backend. And Names could be a good fit for 2RW on Horvats line (albeit a little bit like yet another redemption project of JBs).


I would be be happy to move on from Goldy and Eriksson. Tanev is a tough one, he’s great but just cannot stay healthy so I really can’t be too precious about keeping him if we can replace him with a more robust Dman.


Names and Shats are not having a good season. In that respect I guess VAN is buying low on this deal, which is good. But I still think the trade is in Canucks favour. Eriksson is negative value at this point and I don’t think NYR would be so interested in Tanev and Goldobin in order to take on LE’s contract.


If you took out LE and just did Names+Shats for Tan+Goldy then you may be closer IMO, even then I think NYR still say no, mostly due to Shats offensive numbers compared to Tanevs.


One overriding factor is Shats has a NTC/NMC and he made a big deal of choosing NYR when he became a UFA, so I doubt he would waive.


Hope that didn’t flame you too badly. Keep the ideas coming because JB gotta find a 1LW, top 4 RD and 2RW from somewhere!

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