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Pick your top 10 - 2019 Draft Picks (Discussion and Poll)


Your Top 10 2019 Draft picks  

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Odds are Canucks pick at 8, 9 or 10 spot so...


Byram will be gone unfortunately so if they do keep their pick I feel it needs to be a forward. Some skilled guys that I feel will pan out, other D-men (not Byram) are less predictable.


I think Boldy is the pick for me if there.


Other option I would entertain is trading back (hopefully for another 2nd) would be to pick Broberg in the 15 to 17 range. His stock seems to be dropping (I may be way off and he gets picked earlier) and I think he would be an ideal compliment to the d-group moving forward.....just not at pick 8, 9 or 10.

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On 4/3/2019 at 2:30 PM, janisahockeynut said:

Me too Joe


Especially the Russian thing

Funny how some clubs Wash and Tamp have absolutely no problem

as for Soderstrom…….I see your reasoning

I must admit....your words ring out loud...."In Benning you trust"

In the end......I agree with that statement

Although, sometimes I wish otherwise....most would be very glad I am not the GM....lol

But I do enjoy all this...fills in time, and is very interesting!


Thanks for the explanation......I actually thought you would answer like that.....I guess we all have an M.O.


Going to be in Rupert early May......you never know! I would love the chance to meet you, just have to see how it all plays out!




Can't remember where I read this but I believe both Wash and Tampa spend a fair amount of capital integrating the families, of international players, into the community, etc. Happy wife, happy life essentially.


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