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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Nashville Predators | Apr. 04, 2019

-Vintage Canuck-

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2 minutes ago, drdeath said:

Green should have pulled his players off the ice after the second Predators goal. If the NHL wants a result you may as well make it memorable.

So the second time we surrendered?  I can see the statue now. 

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I mean people can complain about the refs and they did have two different rulebooks but the deciding factor was the complete lack of actually trying to win the game.


The analogy I like to use is a tennis match. You have the defensive player (Canucks) vs the talented shotmaker (Preds.) The defensive player gets a lead by playing aggressive and going for their shots, but once they get the lead, they revert back to just pushing the ball back into court with no depth on the shot, just hoping the other player misses. However, the other player is talented and given enough chances will not miss. 


And that's what the Canucks did this game in the third period, and all season long really. Play not to lose, attempt absolutely nothing offensively until it's too late (after the Preds tied it) and just clear the puck out of the zone. Even having time and space with the puck, they would just inexplicably clear it out and just give possession away for no good reason. It's an absolutely terrible gameplan. 

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