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2019 NHL Draft Lottery | April 9th, 5:00pm PT

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9 minutes ago, CanuckGAME said:

Literally choooooooked.



Everyone needs to flood jack hughes Instagram and tell him to pull a Lindros and say hes only playing for Vancouver.


100% serious.

1000% delusional. 

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2 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

You seem pretty happy about being able to say "I told you so".

Not happy. Just expected it. We have had zero luck since we began. And don’t make me do my bad luck list again 

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2 minutes ago, ruilin96 said:

&^@# all 3 teams who won. I hate New Jersey.


1). They introduced the trap in the late 90s, made the game boring to watch for a long period time.


2). Scott Stevens - dirty player, should never have been praised at all


3). Their fans with the Schneider > Horvat bull$&!# for the first 3 years of the trade.


Stevens was legit. Legend.

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3 minutes ago, Raspberries said:

People need to remember this next year when they cry TANK again.  The only thing that awards a team a top draft pick is bribing that crook Bettman.

I don't mind tanking as it guarantees me a much higher picks than this 10th pick

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Just now, Raspberries said:

they don't need a heads up on graphics.  They know the NHL logos. 

They know numbers even better, but they manage to screw up the time clock and even the score on occasion as well. 

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4 minutes ago, canuck73_3 said:

Chicago was in the lotto last season and picked 8th

Two more original six winners and east coast.  That this lottery is not held in the open says everything that needs to be said about its legitimacy.  Everything that is not open to public view is most likely corrupt - which is exactly why it’s not in view.


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