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2019 NHL Draft Lottery | April 9th, 5:00pm PT

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1 minute ago, whcanuck said:

I think this confirms that tanking is totally pointless. The winner of the lottery is either completely random like they say, or some kind of agenda is being pushed. Either way, who cares? A top 10 pick is good. You can be a great team and not have any #1 overall picks. Besides, EP looks like he's better than both Hischier and Patrick so we basically have a #1 overall on our roster already. Hughes is also excellent. How many 1st overall picks did the Detroit Red Wings have for all the years they were good? The Kings and Bruins never had it and they each won the Stanley Cup at least once.


The draft is important, and yeah it's great to land a superstar in the top 3...but I don't think it's completely necessary. Look at Toronto and Edmonton?? Are they serious threats to win the Stanley Cup? Toronto is decent but I don't think they're even in the top 5 teams in the NHL. 

Except Colorado via Ottawa got 4th...which is better than 10th.

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Just now, Down by the River said:

At least the streak is somewhat being broken. Rantanen is a star. That's... something?


Not to mention the idea of a cursed pick position is stupid lol


Drafting is much less of a science outside of like, the top two picks than people seem to think.

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2 minutes ago, Dr. Crossbar said:

I never said it was a backroom process. Without seeing the actual process, though, there will be a significant portion of the fanbase who can't trust the process of simply having reps in the room and deem the process to be "rigged". Seeing the actual selection proces would actually build more trust and goodwill.

But the you're saying 31 teams are in on the scam, including the teams, like Van, who get the shaft.

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9 minutes ago, Wilfred said:

The most depressing thing is somehow we've dropped for 4 straight years. Somehow for 4 straight years a team or teams have had worse odds yet won anyways. Somehow we're 0/12 on lottery picks. 


Just mind boggling. And just incredibly sad 

you just wait,

the year we sneak into the playoffs with the 17th best record in the league,

That is the year we win the lottery



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Just now, 48MPHSlapShot said:

I was confident last year when we had the 7th overall, as the 7th overall has historically been a very good place to pick.


10th overall tho? Yikes. Other than Rantanen....just wow.

Tippet looked pretty damn good in the WJHC and Jost still projects to be a solid top 6 player.  Bourdon would have been a franchise dman

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