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2019 NHL Draft Lottery | April 9th, 5:00pm PT

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1 minute ago, NUCKER67 said:

Gary`s going to get Booed real bad at the Draft. Real bad.


That list of former 10th OAs doesn't look great. Not terrible, but no game-changers. Sad to see Bourdon`s name there. :( The Hockey God`s (pfft)


But, here we are. At least it`s not 12th. And at least it`s not EDM or ANA or LA. There could still be a great player at 10. Maybe Dach or Krebs slip through? If not them, maybe Boldy or Zegras?  



I hope he has worse happen to him than a simple booing and spends an extended amount of time in the ICU.

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Just now, Fakename70 said:

My phone isn’t on when I’m working, so, I’m just now seeing what went down today. Threw my arms up in disgust, but certainly not disbelief. I expected it. How can ya not?

yeah already prepared my self for it, but the chicago thing kinda irks me.

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2 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Sutherland's continued employment.

DPS not conducting themselves professionally

Peel getting to work a Canucks game directly after rigging the last one

Campbell's continued employment  despite emails indicating their was an issue regarding officiating and nepotism

Allowing Brian Burke to weigh in on the Rome suspension despite obvious conflict of interest

Fining Burrows for substantiated remarks about Auger

I don't think employing Sutherland constitutes corruption.

How has the DOPS been unprofessional?

Peel has never rigged a game.

I'm not familiar with the Campbell/Burke situations, so I won't comment.

Are fines not put into a fund for injured/disabled (former) players? I don't see how Burrow's fine can be corruption. The NHL doesn't see that money.


Why do you watch the league if you're so sure it's WWE on skates?



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Just now, Coconuts said:

I don't think he'd drop too much lower but for say an additional second round pick to drop a little? I could live with dropping.

If #10 comes around and it looks like a few teams are going to pass on Caufield, then I'm all for dropping a few spots and picking up a second.  Otherwise, take the best pure offensive player in the draft at #10

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7 minutes ago, Chris12345 said:

Except Colorado via Ottawa got 4th...which is better than 10th.

You're right, but I just always think you should play to win the game (as former NY Jets coach Herm Edwards would say). They're paid to put the best effort out on the ice each and every night and although the Canucks climbed up the standings a bit near the end of the year, I was happy to see the guys string some wins together and get a positive vibe going. Remember, EP40 is basically a #1 overall talent. He was the best player in that draft IMO and I think a lot of us would agree on that. 

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1 minute ago, stawns said:

But the you're saying 31 teams are in on the scam, including the teams, like Van, who get the shaft.

No, I'm talking about reactions and a possible contributing factor to those reactions and how not seeing the selection process leads to that type thinking. 

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13 minutes ago, nucksnavsfan said:

Thanks Gary, we are hosting the Draft here, could you not pull a few strings to let us make a ‘ splash ‘ 

it’d be good for the league , that’s what you always want , right 

too obvious

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1 minute ago, Gnarcore said:

Would take more. Throw in Goldy, a D prospect and our 2nd round pick and maybe we could get one of those top 3 picks. 

A bunch of low quality quantity does not get you high quality. I thought everyone has discussed this to death.


That pile of ...stuff.. does not get you the top 3 lmao. Come on. 


Edit: I predicted a whole bunch of bizarre low quality random weird trade proposals for a top 3....we are off to a good start a few minutes after the draft lottery lol.

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5 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

"I'm not going to give up any of our young players or picks or mortgage the farm in order to move up the draft." - Benning

Thank god JB said this.


But it won't stop the silly "goldy, schaller, pouliot, JV, our 3 6ths, Baer, and our 1st" for the 2nd overall type weird suggestions lol.


Edit: just saw others also expect the deluge of stupid proposals for the 1st overall haha. Cheers to you!

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