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2019 NHL Draft Lottery | April 9th, 5:00pm PT

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1 minute ago, Dr. Crossbar said:

No, I'm talking about reactions and a possible contributing factor to those reactions and how not seeing the selection process leads to that type thinking. 

So just for the fans sake?  I'm not saying it's a terrible idea, but I think it's done off camera in case of any kind of snafu.

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3 minutes ago, canuck73_3 said:

Was a good pick until a genetic disorder derailed then shortened his career. 

He was the consensus, home run pick at #10 that year. I remember when some CDC posters were already penciling him as the next captain, and were also demanding that the Canucks don't retire Naslund's #19 so that Hodgson could wear that number. How times have changed.  

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2 minutes ago, stawns said:

If #10 comes around and it looks like a few teams are going to pass on Caufield, then I'm all for dropping a few spots and picking up a second.  Otherwise, take the best pure offensive player in the draft at #10

Guys like him won't fall far, someone could well jump at him before 10.

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13 minutes ago, whcanuck said:

I think this confirms that tanking is totally pointless. The winner of the lottery is either completely random like they say, or some kind of agenda is being pushed. Either way, who cares? A top 10 pick is good. You can be a great team and not have any #1 overall picks. Besides, EP looks like he's better than both Hischier and Patrick so we basically have a #1 overall on our roster already. Hughes is also excellent. How many 1st overall picks did the Detroit Red Wings have for all the years they were good? The Kings and Bruins never had it and they each won the Stanley Cup at least once.


The draft is important, and yeah it's great to land a superstar in the top 3...but I don't think it's completely necessary. Look at Toronto and Edmonton?? Are they serious threats to win the Stanley Cup? Toronto is decent but I don't think they're even in the top 5 teams in the NHL. 

they are pretty much the reason for the Salary Cap

and the Rangers

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5 minutes ago, 112 said:

I don't think employing Sutherland constitutes corruption.

How has the DOPS been unprofessional?

Peel has never rigged a game.

I'm not familiar with the Campbell/Burke situations, so I won't comment.

Are fines not put into a fund for injured/disabled (former) players? I don't see how Burrow's fine can be corruption. The NHL doesn't see that money.


Why do you watch the league if you're so sure it's WWE on skates?



Colin Campbell's leaked emails are the only real evidence of influence of the head office. He was going after referees for calls against his son. 

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