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A Man in a Suit Walks Out of a Room with 15 Cards

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It 's as messed up as the U.S.A. ELECTIONS.

The chances of dropping 4 consecutive years in a row must be astronomical.

We have very passionate fans here in.B.C and how the hell can we improve our team if we continually get shafted.


It just seems so rigged and corrupt.If the draws where done here in Vancouver and us or Calgary continued to get first OA picks,

the east coast teams would find it frustrating as well.

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There is a witness from each team as the order is determined.


An accredited/bonded 3rd party does all of the technical stuff.

A known formula is used when the 4 digit comes out to determine who won.


If the same team wins again, it is redrawn.


Bettman pulls the balls that get sucked out of the Bingo machine is all.

As fun as it is to play conspiracy theorist, there is no effery going on here.

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5 hours ago, brokensticks said:

Bettman leaves himself wide open to criticism. I watched the draft lottery and an unknown man in a suit walked out of a room with a stack of 15 cards in a pre-determined order. We didn't get to see how the cards got into that order. Until the whole process of how the order is determined becomes public and transparent, I do not trust the system (e.g. I do not trust Bettman). And the winners are:....... 3 large American markets. And Bettman wonders why we boo him.

I am not saying the system is rigged. I am sure it is very honest and the accounting firm carefully scrutinizes the whole procedure. Why does it have to be done behind closed doors?????? The answer that's given is that it is a complicated and boring process that involves a lot of adjusting of ping pong balls and it's not suitable for a television audience with short attention spans.

In the 21st century, why are they still using ping pong balls? I'm not a computer programmer but I can envision a program that would be easier by using a random number generator (RNG). If a team has an 18% chance of winning, it's assigned 180 numbers; if it has a 16.3% chance, 163 numbers, 8%, 80 number, 1% chance, 10 numbers ...etc. Add up all the numbers then use the RNG to pick one number and that is the 1st pick overall. That team's numbers are removed from the system and the RNG determines the 2nd pick. The process continues until the 15th pick. It's not that hard and it would only take a short time to do. And it could be done in front of everyone.

I also believe the whole draft lottery system is unnecessary but that's a whole new topic.



I don't believe there is any system that is above reproach.

Lotteries and games of chance have been rigged for centuries.

Lottery balls can be weighted, cards marked, dice weighted, roulette wheels shaved or narrowed

It comes down to whether you run your game with integrity.


There is no way anything produced on/for TV can be trusted


Did you ever see the video where through the use of animation they could change the mouth of Obama and voice over his words to change a speech?

it was impressive and scary at the same time, and way more sinister than anything the NHL can cook up

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