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Top 5 US Political Issues (discussion)


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4 hours ago, DADDYROCK said:

Mankind as a whole because of climate change is threatened to the point of no coming back and the politicians just don't seem to realize this,greed and wealth over our childrens futures on this planet.



Here in lays the problem, I have Daddy Rock


Using a computer

Standing on a concrete sidewalk

polyester pants and shirt

clearcut yard

plastic mask

and the hydro electric dam that was made to supply power to the house in the background


That is what you supported to make that point....that is not to mention the gas you put in your car, which is made of steel and plastics, which is driven down an asphalt road that was again clear cut...……..again, almost a virgin


Corporate Greed is fuel by consumerism...……….plains and simple...…….it is us that creates the problem...……..corporations are empty boxes, until we want something


When I was a kid, I made 1 billion mud pies, and put almost free 1 cent...…………...I did not sell any...……….so I stopped making them

No one wanted my pies!

If they did, I would have made 1 billion more...….or maybe more!

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1 hour ago, DADDYROCK said:


No, I get that.....sorry if you thought I made it personal...….I was kind of talking third party......my apologies


It is internal, also...…..I war with myself on this very topic


I fell of my horse so many times......now I walk beside it. Again sorry!


On the other side of that.... that is my point


You get mad because I challenge your ideals, when...……...and everyone, including me does it...…..


But your right, we do have to slow this train down...…...but it is so subjective


you need $10.00 or you will starve


I need a $100.00 or I will starve


An African tribesman, eats a root and shakes his head at both of us


That is the problem.....again subjective consumerism….lol

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1.The future of energy and who will control that energy.

2.a divided america with many different identitys will it work.

3.can you solve everyones problems with military intervention.

4.will information be privided the the few or the many.

5.propping up rural communities and big cities is it sustainable.

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1. Money and corruption in politics and education

2. Partisanship in politics, federal departments, courts, news, etc. (me vs them mentality)

3. Healthcare

4. Labour laws 

5. Military industrial complex, foreign government interference

6. Lack of Climate change/global warming action


in no particular order. 


8 hours ago, AK_19 said:

I'd have a different top 5 issues:

1. Campaign Financing

2. Climate Change

3. Health Care

4. Education/ Student Debt

5. Foreign Policy/Military 

Eh, just realised ours are almost the same. 

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