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The Case for UFA’s

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On ‎4‎/‎22‎/‎2019 at 1:09 PM, Provost said:

Basically I think all of the above fee posts make some good points.


Hard to blame Gillis too much, as he came close and the exact same decisions, some better reffing, and an extra win and he is lauded as a hero. 


Benning has has made some blunders for sure, but incompetent is a stretch.  He has just lacked big vision and boldness.  No big trades, just playing around the fringes of the lineup.  Accruing veteran assets, but not flipping them into picks and prospects.


We absolutely have to add several upper end players over the next 2-3 years, and not a lot of options to do it.

Del Zotto for a 7th (and Schenn)

Nilsson for a 6th (other parts of the trade as well)

Vanek for Motte (and Jokinen)

Burrows for Dahlen (then moved for a younger Linus Karlsson)

Hansen for a 4th and Goldobin


Benning has done what he could with what he had. I could add in some previous deals as well that acquired higher picks. What exactly is a big trade? A big trade will involve assets going the other way of value, but it seems like no one wants to let go of any valuable assets and only offload the "unwanted" ones and expect a reward for a prized player.


I think some just get too hung up on a move they didn't like and it remains a problem, but when the positives move happen, they seem to be quickly forgotten. Every possible move has all the negatives brought out (rushing the rebuild, giving up too much, don't want to take on cap, etc) about it and it just seems like a no-win situation for Benning and crew.

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2 hours ago, Provost said:

That doesn't make him more attractive on a 7 year contract. 

I would still sign him, but he may be the riskiest UFA signing of this offseason.  Not many guys will command a full 7 year term, and he will be over $10 million per.

I definitely agree with that, he's a far better player than how he looks now but he is a slight risk with the injury. 

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Just now, 189lb enforcers? said:

JB should target TDL bait.

Perhaps he can overpay them in the first year or two of their contracts so that they appear cheap for a buyer. This is also the weaponizing of cap space. 

Skinner has lots of gas left in the tank so I would think he’d be attractive to playoff teams in the future if need be. 40 goal scorer with a bit of sandpaper. That first line would be deadly 

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Getting back to my Neal proposition. Here's my rational.


I look at this as potentially the next Joffrey Lupul / Jake Gardiner trade. If we take James Neal the return will be something significant that can help make our young team better. And then you also bet on James Neal turning it around & becoming a productive player.


He's been in the SCF the last 2 seasons before this one, no time to train or prepare. Well now he has time & hopefully with the full offseason (finally) he'll be able to turn it around. 


If not, hold onto him for a few years, they try trading him as a cap dump when we need the room, but since his contract will they be shorter we'll have to give up less than what we'll return.


My 'turn it around with a full summer' rationale is also why I wonder how desperate Calgary would be to dump him. But they do need the cap space. So its something I'd be considering.

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