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Which player has impressed you in the playoffs so far


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Playoff hockey is back and whistles are nowhere to be found as usual.  Plays that would've been called interference or boarding in the regular season are being ignored. 


I've been really enjoying watching playoff hockey even though we don't have our team in it.  


For starters I find that Orlov is one of the best d-man that I've watched in these playoffs.  He makes such nice tape to tape passes to get out of their zone and isn't flustered by Carolina's forechecking.  


Miro Heiskanen is so poised with the puck for the Stars.  Nashville have been going after him in between whistles but he doesn't get fazed or frustrated at all.  Very impressive for such a young d-man.  


Brayden Schenn and Oskar Sundqvist are so good along the boards for the Blues.  One's number 10 and the other's number 70, so it's easy to mix them up out there.  I would love it if we could bring Brayden over here after he becomes a free agent at the end of 2019-20 season.  


David Savard is one of the most criminally underrated d-men in the league for the Blue Jackets. 


What about you guys, any players that caught your attention so far?  Canucks will definitely need a bit more grit if we're going into the playoffs next year. 


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26 minutes ago, MikeBossy said:

Eberle - especially after the knock on him in Deadmonton was he couldn't perform in the playoffs.

Unrestricted free agent this coming summer!  


He's making 6 mil/season this year, and he's been a pretty steady 20-25 goal scorer in the NHL.  

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all the blue jackets.

see if they can do it again...

my gawd that cbj is it anderson.... jeez hes bigger than wilson...


binnington,stl d peiterangelo...


nathon mckinnon... who else can catch him, undefendable imo.


look how mch space he had on the norris dman last night... see ya...

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