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Flyers Hire Alain Vigneault as Head Coach


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If this is true, I'm happy for him.  Classy guy, I thought the Canucks thrived under his watch.  The only knock is he doesn't trust his young players as much.  Philly will be a force next year.

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Congratz AV..but this is boring. Time the league started hiring excellent impersonator/famous personalities.


Jack Nicholson

John Wayne

Groucho Marx

Marty Feldman

Nicolas Cage

Clint Eastwood(not his 'empty chair' phase..think more Unforgiven, or G, B & U)

George Carlin



Then we can get into some women..imagine Marilyn Monroe, runnin a room as bench boss? C'mon League, you've rigged it all, now spice it up!

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