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Who's the best player in the league?

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Who is the best player in the league?  

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McDavid, but my vote was a tough one.  He is the best offensive player in the league - although I can see why some may argue McKinnon should be in the discussion.  To me, Crosby is pretty much on par with McDavid and I didn't vote him primarily just due to lack of "wow factor" in comparison.  What Crosby gives up in outright scoring talent, he makes up with it in various other areas.


I think if you asked the "experts", 9 out of 10 would agree that McDavid is the best player.

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I think the way you determine who is a better player is to ask yourself for example: 

If you put 5 Mcdavids on the ice against 5 Crosby's , who would win ?

I think it's Crosby.  So if you put 5 Crosby's against 5 macinnons who would win? That's a tougher question IMO.  But it's still probably Crosby.

Bobby Orr, for this reason is the best player to have ever laced them up.  

I don't think Gretzky could have ever caught him nevermind taking the puck from him. But Orr could have stole it from Gretzky. 

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McDavid is always overloaded with Draisaitl which is why they produce more points individually but still lose most of their games.


Crosby on the other hand doesn't need Malkin to produce points. They both can carry their own lines, and team into the playoffs.


Crosby hands down. No doubt about it. No one even comes close, maybe Ovechkin.


Crosby won almost every award possible and a Stanley Cup by the time he was 21. McDavid is 22 with a 2nd round exit at best. Not to mention Crosby's recent Stanley Cup championships in 2016 and 2017.


Sure you can blame Oiler's management for messing up their rebuild. But the Penguins didn't exactly have dynasty team either, just a couple players who knew how to utilize their teammates for the win.

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Consistency is the biggest difference.To be the best, you have to be more than a flash in the pan. McDavid and McCrosby have been consistent scorers, but Crosby showed that he can consistently perform in playoffs as well. With that being said, MacKinnon is probably the best at this current moment, but we'll see what round 2 has in store.

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