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Bet: Canucks will win a playoff series before Toronto


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Just going to put this out there. For all that Leafs attention always on national tv, here’s a little prediction to humble them even more now that they’re eliminated (again).




Toronto already topped off this year. They thought very short term and as a result won’t be able to sustain a top team due to the financial aspect of things. Going forward they’ll be in a cap crunch. They’ll be losing a lot of quality players and won’t have enough money to replace them let alone improve on them. Their best chance was this year and they choked. Not trading Nylander when his value was high for a proper dman is one of a few places they went wrong. Now after the lacklustre shortened year he’s had (which they should have never let happen because it meant he came into the season cold) they’re stuck with him. Him and his agent have publicly stated Dubas gave his word that as long as he’s in charge he won’t be traded so even if he does, that’ll blow back in their face and the fact they won’t get the return they once could have as that ship has sailed.


Here’s some history:





...and let’s not forget they are THEE ONLY Canadian team yet to win a playoff series in the salary cap era :lol:


Matthews, Tavares, Nylander, Rielly, Andersen, Marner (assume $10m here at the least) - that’s $50m in cap tied up in 6 players alone aka 62% of the current upper cap limit. It’s even more absurd when you account for Kadri’s & Zaitsev’s identical $4.5m cap hits which adds up to $59m / 75% of their cap space, with the latter being a terrible contract!!!




So yea, sorry not sorry. That’s what happens when you get ahead of yourselves and mismanage when it matters most. At least the Canucks are in the beginning process so it doesn’t hurt as much being able to learn and move forward in these early stages. And it’s why I’m confident in predicting this. 


- RIP Shanaplan (2015/16 - 2018/19) :gocan::towel:

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Just now, Generational.EP40 said:


Uhmmm, exactly how so?



The NHL salary cap era was implemented and began after the 04/05 lockout season.


The Leafs are the only Canadian team not to win a playoff round since then.

Like I said. I misread the quote. 

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Awesome post.  This morning I bet a coworker a steak dinner that the Canucks would win a round before the leafs.

It could be a disaster in TO next year.  Dubas hasn't proven to be a strong GM and he has a massive cap issue to deal with this summer.  I could see the Leafs as a wildcard team or on the outside looking in.

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4 minutes ago, Chris12345 said:

Whatever. I hate the Leafs but they have a better chance to make the playoffs then the Canucks in the only year that matters....next year.

Can u please send me the winning lotto 649 numbers, thanks.

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4 hours ago, Xbox said:

I'm curious what they're going to do with that team this summer, should be a lot of moving pieces.


I'd take Canucks because they play in the West.

Given who the GM is, I would be very surprised if there were a lot of moving pieces. He seems pretty adamant on "keeping the core together", because Nylander is somehow worth keeping over improving their defense....

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I dislike Toronto perhaps more than anyone, but I’m not sure I take that bet.


Toronto has a good team and they are further along the process than Vancouver.


Here is what I *WILL* say about Toronto.  I don’t think they will win a cup.   Why?  Because - I believe that they have an inappropriately high percentage of their cap tied to their top players which will prevent them from having the necessary depth in the right positions.   This problem will become even more apparent after this Summer when they extend Marner while saying goodbye to the likes of Gardiner, Kadri, etc.


Leafs will win playoffs rounds, but they won’t go all the way.  

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6 hours ago, Tomatoes11 said:

Calgary won in 5 though. That gelinas goal was a goal. He was mr clutch.


Although I guess technically we would have won if the Bruins didnt have their owner on the NHL board. But Calgary was 100% the winner.

Was kicked in by Gelinas so still no goal anyway. 

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