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[Proposal] Van - Colorado

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Would you take 23rd and Amadio for 10th??


The drop from 4th to 10th is probably more drastic than 10th to 23rd and Amadiao is the same age as Gaudette plays the same position and scored more points in fewer games. So if your answer is NO then I think you would get the same answer from the Avs.  


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5 minutes ago, hammertime said:

The drop from 4th to 10th is probably more drastic than 10th to 23rd

I don't think that's necessarily true. After the top 2 picks, there seems to be a bit of a cluster&^@# from about 3-12 or so. Sure, guys like Dach and Bryam are ahead of guys like Newhook and Soderstrom, but it's not that much of a stretch, whereas from around 12-15 there seems to be a somewhat significant drop-off in this draft (depending on how highly you rate guys like Harley and Kaliyev).


That being said, I don't think Gaudette is a piece that Colorado would find overly enticing considering that they're filled to the brim with young players that have already or are close to making the jump. Deal really doesn't make sense for either team imho.

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Just now, HughMungus said:

What piece would it take? 


Sutter retained and a 2nd?



Sakic was talking about how trading high draft picks or key prospects would set their rebuild back.  


They already have Sodebergh for the same role as Sutter - he had 49pts this season while having the lowest zone starts on Colorado.


They have Makar, Girard and are hopeful that Timmins will be able to play next season.  They also have Barrie, Johnson, Cole.  Zadorov is a RFA and Nemeth will probably not return. 



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