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Eriksson's 'friction'

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I don't even know how to react :lol:


I laughed as soon as I saw this though, like dude are you being serious you've had plenty of chances and failed at them, that's why you get limited ice time and have defensive roles now because you failed at the chances you had for offensive ones or didn't prove you belonged there.


Hey it's cool in your mind you think that still, so maybe it's a good thing you said what you said to help your trade value, now a team might think he just needs a fresh start somewhere else and will get back to his old self again, fingers crossed a team thinks like that :lol:



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44 minutes ago, Jimmy McGill said:

I hope he gets a fresh start somewhere, the hate he gets here is way out of proportion imo. 

It's interesting what's on top of fans priority. They adore Petey but they want player that fight their way. 

They want players that fight for the team but themselves don't give players a chance. 

When fans learn to support their players they get a team that fight through thick and thin. 

Now they can forget about players like EK. He won't come to a club with such lousy fans. 

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6 hours ago, ItalianCanuck1 said:

I've ALWAYS tried not to go against a player who doesn't perform.

Even if he's clearly overpaid.


I'm not that type of fan.

I consider all the players as human beings and I try to support a player that struggles. 


But when I read this type of stuff... 



Agree, the guy has been stealing from us for 3 years

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Eriksson blows. Nobody cares who he has friction with - get rid of that lazy floater or bury him in the minors. Dont need Louiser teaching our young stars how to get a big contract and pack it in.

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Eriksson has stunk it up under 2 canuck coaches. When you sign a long term 6m cap hit deal you are expected to work your ass off and produce offensively. Loui has dont neither of those things. He doesn't deserve anymore time in our top 6, You get rid of LE, move him to a low budget team he has a 6m cap hit with half that in actual salary...just move him July 2nd after his last signing bonus. He just needs to waive his ntc for a team and he should be tradeable...JB has to start making trades and removing the dead weight and clearing up some roster spots throughout the line up

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Move him for a pick to a team who needs to get to the floor. He will probably waive.

Someone will only need to pay him 9 mil over 3 years and get 6 mil of cap hit.  That should be movable. 

I don't think he fits the game that Green wants the team playing. Green wants fast and aggressive.  That's not Loui.

Loui is slow and passive. He thinks the game well and has a lot of good qualities but doesn't fit a fast paced game, maybe.

He should be movable. This will be an interesting off season.

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3 hours ago, IBatch said:

Shikaruk had plenty of chances to prove himself ...  this post made me laugh.  If he was so mismanaged then why didn’t he become an NHLer once he wasn’t part of our organization?   He busted because he wasn’t good enough simple as that, not because he had a 13 second shift.  And on that note most hockey players would die and go to heaven to even get that opportunity.   What is it like .99876 of all the guys that lace them up and have dreams of one day playing in the NHL DONT make it.   From that point it was both a miracle that he was drafted and that he actually got to play any “seconds” in the NHL.  And if he wasn’t drafted so high he would never even had that chance.   First, Second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounders (and on) get way more chances if they were drafted high then they do if they were a Hail Mary pick.   If OJ was picked in the fourth round would we even be talking about him? Or even Woo or Madden or Lind for that matter?  Doubt it.

Lol wait?! So bearschit getting a 13 minute free ride on the top 3 lines is just as fair as 13 seconds on the fourth line? Please.


he didn’t make it because we already ruined him and Calgary is way more stacked than we are.


i am not saying he would be a star or anything. But if he was gifted 13 minutes for 4 seasons in a row he would be at least as good as baerschit and jv. Not very good but that’s not the point. The point is baerschi and Granlund got free rides too so people shouldn’t whine too much about LE whining. At least he paid his dues unlike some of other hacks.

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Unfortunately  Eriksson never fit. Was brought in to play with the Sedins and never did. Was brought in to perform up and down the lineup and never really did. 


Hopefully we can get rid of the contract at some point this summer. Worse case Seattle takes a flyer on him in the expansion draft :lol:

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