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Eriksson, are you kidding me?

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Well $&!#e, I just read "erikssons friction" after typing out my own thoughts on the LE/Green thing but decided to edit and turn it in something kinda funny...


 April 1st, I read LE to retire "arms up"  YES!!!!!!!  omfg!!!  YES!!!!  


WTF??????  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  GOT ME!!!!  10 second facepalm....  you _astard!!!!  lmao!!! I HATE YOU!  


Losing a roster spot to and 6 mil per to a guy that doesn't give a $&!# is painful....  grrrrrr!  lol  He should try being a long time Vancouver fan with watching and no cups since the millionaires and go through the razzing of other teams fans and see how he likes it

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