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BCHL - Spruce Kings capture Doyle Cup

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1 hour ago, thedestroyerofworlds said:

Congrats to the PG Spruce Kings. 


The Spruce Kings went 16-1 through the BCHL playoffs to win the Fed Page Cup.  Then they only lost 2 games to the Brooks Bandits (hosting the Royal Bank Cup) who went 57-3 and scored 5.57 goals a game in their regular season (Alberta).


Hopefully, the Spruce Kings luck is better than their last time at the Royal Bank Cup (2007 as hosts).  The Spruce Kings were winners of the longest overtime game (semi-final) only to run out of gas in the final.


Congratulations to the Kings! 


It's especially nice to see a community owned team do as well as they have the past two seasons. 

I was at last night's game and that old barn, the Coliseum, likely never saw something like that since the old PCJHL days!  It actually made up for the game/tournament you mentioned in 07 which I was fortunate enough to attend as well. 


Hard to believe they beat the #1 team in the country that handedly.   


Not gonna lie though,  I was sweating it a bit going into the 3rd dn 2-1.  


But just like they've been doing all year they put their work boots on and took it to the Bandits in the 3rd.


I'm not making any predictions for next week's tournament but I like the Kings chances just having dispatched the best team in the nation. Hopefully they get LWB and Keranen back by then.

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Watched it, yes! PG stormed back late after a somewhat tentative start. The Brooks Bandits had superior energy & execution early. Pretty hard to comeback from 0-3 down to the Bandits, but not impossible. I felt that if another 5 minutes had been tacked onto this game, PG might have reached the prize.


Congratulations to Brooks for making the most of their opportunities through out the final game & besting our BCHL Champs for the win.


I’m already looking forward to next season & seeing the young Chilliwack Chiefs re-tool & do much better at this play-off thing, with the added experience & little more maturity there. But, it was no small thing falling early to these Spruce Kings in the 2nd-round, when PG was such a hard-working, tough-to-play-against, well-coached Championship-quality team all season long from start to finish!


Have a very recuperative & restful summer after your guts stop feeling a little sore after all of this, fellas. Many of us are looking forward to seeing some of you at the next BCHL showcase, in September. Hearty & respectful thanks for representing the BCHL-brand & the (PG) Spruce Kings organization so very very well! 



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