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[Proposal] OTT, Ab Teams & Us

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Visualizing an active trading-draft. Lots of Cdn teams flip the bird to the US rigged league, dealing amongst themselves. In truth I'd like to see a resurgence for all Cdn teams, their fans foot the bill, & deserve it.


OTT: Z Smith, Ceci(RFA) & 2nd r pick(32 OA)

EDM: Looch(retain 1 mill x 4 yrs), Petrovic, EDM 1st(8 OA)


- Coilers cough up a first, to mostly dump cap hit. They might even deal off Ceci for that extra cap space.




OTT: Boedker, Harpur, 2020 3rd rounder

CAL: Neal(retain 1 mill), Rasmus Anderson, 2020 2nd

-similar to above deal. Sens taking on cap to reach floor. Improving their significant stash of picks.



Then, after we pay his bonus, we make this deal in early July...


OTT: Looch, Rasmus Anderson

VAN: Eriksson(also retain 1 mill, per yr), Sautner


-we pay about 9 mill more(real dollars) with Loui's deal. Gain a great young RhD in Andersson. Ottawa has so much nice youth, they sell off the better prospect for 9 mill in real $!




Ottawa winds up with Neal, Eriksson & Ryan being 17,000,000 of AAV next 3 or 4 yrs. So much youth, they'll hover near the floor.

With EDM's & CBJ's 1st in 2019, they can move on(looking fwds) from the Duchene fiasco.

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I had kicked around/mulled over versions of this last month. Today on HF, I see a trade that's similar. Leaving the Flamers out(too complicated).


OTT/EDM make deal at draft.


-Sens get Looch & #8 OA pick. Maybe EDM retains 1 mill/per yr?

- EDM gets cap-filler(off books in a yr perhaps? Like Ceci, Boedker, Zack Smith types) & possibly a nice prospect or 2nd rounder(?)


*********************July Arrives(bonuses paid)***********************


-Vancouver & Ottawa deal:

Loui for Looch. We add a Schaller, Goldy type, & OTT adds a great prospect like Formenton, & possibly one of their many 2nd, 3rd rounders in 2020


1- VAN..We pay more $ out, but at least get some muscle, instead of Loui's 2 hits per campaign. Looch agrees to ED-exposure(unlikely to be claimed anyhow). Perhaps buy him out, with new CBA coming soon?


2- EDM ..moves on from a glaring FA-error. Lose a top pick for this egregious gaffe. Perhaps deal RNH to recoup picks & chase some C like Kadri or Turris? Holland sacrifices a nice #8 OA pick, to wipe the slate clean.


3- OTT ..gets Loui(6 mill AAV, for 50% $$$). Loui gets less travel, & new start. Importantly Sens get a top-10 pick to move on from the Duchene/Avs debacle, adding another top piece to their aggressive rebuild.

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