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2019 EKL Entry Draft (1st Annual)


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9 hours ago, Tylez said:



With today being Father's day, and some skipped picks to make up, after inane and Patrick Kane, I am going to out a temporary hold on the draft to try to get some GM's caught up. Draft will resume again 8AM tomorrow.


Happy Father's day to all Father's here! 

If @Tigs makes a selection (or trades it and pick is made) for his 102nd overall pick tonight we will be all caught up, and so the draft may go on without time limits until tomorrow morning when timers are back on.

If Tigs does not make a pick tonight, he will be skipped at 8 am and @Boeserific will be on the fresh clock from 8am to 9am June 17th. 


Happy fathers day! and thank you guys for catching up. At most this draft is done late Tuesday...it has been incredibly successful, thanks to everyone for being on the ball. (Speaking of fathers day, I wonder if this success is due to getting it more or less out of the way while kids are still in school and holidays have not yet crept into play?)

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25 minutes ago, Tylez said:

My apologies @JimLahey is not up and it is not letting me delete it.


@Rush17 is up. He selects Cameron Rowe via list


@Squeak is up until 10



Nashville is proud to get to Cameron Rowe 126th Overall.


Related image

Cameron Rowe (18) - 30 GP - .875 SV% - 3.40 GAA - UNDP / University of North Dakota Committee.


Rowe shared the crease this season with Spencer Knight of the US National Development Program this season.  Rowe is committed to playing with the University of North Dakota next season. Rowe was rated 4th among NA Goaltenders by NHL Central Scouting. We are thrilled to add a player of his standing and feel confident that the North Dakota Program will help his game grow as he prepares for professional hockey. Welcome to Nashville Cameron!

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