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2019 EKL Entry Draft (1st Annual)

Relyt Krets

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I have traditionally always undervalued players under 6 feet. I am learning that in today's NHL it is better to be taller/bigger than 5'10" but it isn't necessarily a deal breaker to BE 5'10". 

Image result for Tuukka Tieksola

Pictured in #11 with Karpat under 20 ...this coming year he will likely be playing in the men's Liiga for Karpat. I can't wait to see what the outcome of his second big season looks like. He has played at least one level above his age/size for the last 5 years, so this wasn't a once in a blue moon season for the kid. 


Therefore, I am going slightly off the board to draft one of the best skating, high Hockey IQ Finns still on the board in Tuukka Tieksola. Pure Offense and draft-eligible while currently still 17..room to grow? haha


Tuukka Tieksola is another name who I’ve really liked this season, and I would say he had a good tournament all things considered. He was good at entering the zone and the best forward on the team at creating scoring chances for his teammates. Tieksola’s smarts are the reason I like him as a prospect. He rarely makes glaring misplays with the puck and makes the players around him better.

He can spread the biscuits around plenty to the guys who put em in the basket..and so young..he could develop into a great scorer too. Small risk, high upside: late 2nd round. 


Tuuka Tieksola, final answer. 


 @Monty @D-Money

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