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I don't know what everyone else is thinking, but I am pretty bored with these playoffs...…….the fact is, when your team is out, it just doesn't have the same feel...…..

So, I am watching the first game of the Memorial Cup and start thinking out their round robin format.

Now, the NHL is all about revenue, so this actually produces more overall revenue, and would really rev up the excitement...………...


So, this is based on the NHL at 32 teams,with all teams participating, 4 divisions, all with 8 teams in them...………. 


The proposal the would be 8 - 4 team double round robins, all first round robins would be a home and home against the other 3 teams

With the top 2 teams advancing to the next round, and split into 4 - 4 team double round robins, then 2 - 4 team double round robins,

then 1 - 4 team round robins, with the top 2 teams after the last round robin, playing a winner take all game 


The top 2 teams in every double round robin would advance, if however 2 teams were tied, then a 1 game winner take all would decide who advances


Now I have not worked out all the details, but I wonder if it would have any support?


So here is a crude diagram of what I mean...…………………….this is an example (PS...….don't get caught up in the groupings, just an example)

(Teams grouped for playoffs by pts...….1/3/5/7 in one group, 2/4/6/8 in the other - for each division and conference positions)




                                                                                                                       FIRST ROUND

Van/Seattle/Edm/Cal     Ana/LA/SJ/Vegas   Stl/Min/Cbs/Nsh     Col/Winn/Arz/Ott       NYI/NJ/NYR/Buff      Bos/Was/Car/Phil    TB/FL/Pitts/Dallas     DET/CHI/Tor/Mon


                                                                                                                     SECOND ROUND

                     Van/Seattle/LA/Vegas                                    Nsh/Min/Col/Winn                                              NYI/Buff/Car/Phil                                       FL/TB/Det/Chi


                                                                                                                      THIRD ROUND

                                                         Van/Seattle/Min/Col                                                                                                             Car/Phil/FL/Chi


                                                                                                                       FORTH ROUND




Final Standings of Forth Round  Double Round Robin


1. Van

2. FL

3. Seattle



Vancouver and FL play a best of 7 round robin for 1st and 2nd...………...Stanley Cup Winner and Runner Up


My thinking is, no team is left out of the playoffs, and 1 team is not knocked out by a hot team, as 2 teams advance from each group...…...



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These playoffs have already cast a large shadow on the regular season.  Hockey is a sport of chance and luck.  Even when a team like Tampa works hard all summer to make a great roster and crushes the regular season, they get rolled unexpectedly in the first round.  But even then, Columbus earned a spot.  Vancouver did not.  Our team was not good enough and undeserving of a chance for the cup.  Ottawa was undeserving.


First figure out a way to include Montreal, who DID deserve a chance but the current format denied them that.

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Interesting proposal. The thing that I noticed quickly and that I don't like is how every team would make the playoffs. It would make the regular season a lot less meaningful and it would probably end up a lot less intense especially with an 82 game schedule.

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On 5/18/2019 at 5:22 AM, xereau said:

  My Dream Playoff




But what happens if all the canucks are injured, or serving a suspension? We have an alumni game? 




(I feel like i need to put a sarcasm disclaimer here because theres inevitably going to be someone thats all like “omg what a stoopid thing to say omg. Alumni arent allowed to play under cba rule 15335633. I wear velcro shoes because laces confuse me, but ive studied the cba.  You are just wrong, good sir!”)

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I recall, back in the day, thinking it was weird that playoff hockey was still being played in the first couple of days in April...


                                                                         regards,  G.

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I agree the playoffs are way too long. It worked when there was the original 6. But 4 rounds best of 7 is way to much.


My proposal is 


round 1 best of 7 game series 

round 2 best of 5 game series 

round 3 : best of 3 game series

round 4 Stanley Cap huge prime time Super Bowl style 1 game. With 2 halftime-ish shows between periods.

Location for CUP final is a year in advance predetermined City. 


The match ups will be west vs east 1st round. Then 2nd round on it’s season point match ups.



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