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[OpEd] - Kessel to Cancouver


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92 and 82 points past 2 seasons. I mean he's a good player, but not the player the Canucks need right now. 



Because he's the Kessel Vancouver deserves, but not the Kessel it needs right now.


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I have said this before and will say it again.

This makes no sense for the Canucks at this point of the rebuild.

He is to old and giving up young assets for him makes no sense at all.

It just makes no sense at this time so Benning just might do it, because that is how he rolls when it comes to trades and signings.

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People that say no to Kessel are what make our team losers.



Kessel is one of the purest goal scorers in the league. The Canucks lack goal scoring.  He helped the Pens to 2 Stanley Cup’s and played a huge part in that with his production. He’s just 31 and only has 3 years left on his contract which is reasonable. The way he plays the game, he doesn’t take much of a beating so it’s not like there should be much concern about his body breaking down. Players that play a style like him last long and don’t decline rapidly. 


Kessel is virtually a point per game player over his career and has been the last couple seasons. Imagine providing Bo an actual goal scoring talent like Phil to play alongside him. Bo’s numbers would skyrocket as he’s carried himself playing with 3rd line players for the most part of his career while still putting up respectable numbers.



...I’m not saying let’s go all out for Kessl either. I’m just saying I’m not opposed to the idea as some are which is just ridiculous and borderline stupid, as if we’re in a position to be turning down talent like that anyways. Having 2 dynamic duos on the top lines (EP-Bo & Bo-Phil/Panarin/etc) would take us to the next level.


I would happily make the likes of Sutter or Gaudette+Hutton+Goldobin (he’s a dollar store Kessel wannabe anyways) available if it can get us back Kessel. Pens would prefer a 3C + a mix of youth so this would fit the bill hypothetically speaking. Preferably keep Gaudette as he’s cheaper than Sutter and can overtake that 3C role. And now that I think of it, it would have to be Sutter for cap reasons. 


If the price is right, sign me up! :towel:

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