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[MAFIA] Toronto Mans Attack on Summer (Mafia wins)

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A mixtape is listened to.  We hear the interlude that has been sampled in before the opening track which comes in the form of a muffled voicemail.


"Sayin' that them shordys are just tryn' to enjoy the summer heat and you got a bunch of mans and wasteyutes tryn' to ruin summer eh?  Nyaaa eh?  Say less fam, I'mma bout to ERADICATE these mans one time styll, ya dunkno".


 - The Non-Wasteyute.




(1) - The Non-Wasteyute  (Sheriff)

(4) - Good Kids on the Block (Townspeople)

(2) - Wasteyutes (Mafia)


Pretty vanilla game. No PM communication with one another unless your role permits it.  Can/will alter role set-up if necessary.


1. @Zfetch

2. @Blue Jay 22

3. @falcon45ca

4. @Generational.EP40

5. @Beluga Whale

6. @Stamkos

7. @Time Lord


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