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2020 HSG Entry Draft


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Welcome to the second entry draft in HSG history.


Please see the doc I have attached with tabs for the eligible prospects and draft order:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KyCdA8D3aCcqPlZXLdCmdU8ezX98ru3QpulU5WteP3c/edit?usp=sharing 


Since @Sane33 will be away for a few weeks, this draft will be largely offline as there's no need to rush things.  GMs will have 24 hours to make a selection before we BPA them.  If you are unable to make a selection or would like a BPA, please let me know.


Please announce your selection in this thread and then tag the next GM.


As usual, GMs may submit a list of 4 names and I will PM them back the info regarding those 4 players.  Please submit names to @Alain Vigneault via PM or kik message before the end of the first round.


Any other questions just contact me.


@Jaku and the St. Louis Blues own the first overall selection and may choose!

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On 5/23/2019 at 3:12 PM, Alain Vigneault said:

Minnesota Wild are proud to select Lucas Raymond


@Vrienzy and Detroit may select whenever convenient.

If he doesn't show up by 11 AM EST tomorrow morning, I'll BPA him and we'll go to the next pick.

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Just now, Stamkos said:

Ah crap sorry, just came back to tag him. 

Gonna have to take away the 11th overall as consequence now.

























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