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[Proposal] Buffalo/Vancouver

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Montour was just dealt there, no way Buffalo gives that up. Nylander still has more upside than his brother. 


On the other hand, Markstrom had half of a good season after looking pretty meh for the rest of his career. Tanev is often injured and hasn’t made it past 65 games in a season IIRC. The third is nothing that would get this up and coming team excited. 


Buffalo says no

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6 minutes ago, Joscanucks said:

Van gets:  Brandon Montour, Alex nylander 


buff gets:  Jacob markstrom, Chris tanev. 3rd round pick 2020

long term that would be a huge deal for the Canucks.  Are you sure BUF would be willing to give up that much?


Also rolling the dice on G, but I guess you have to make a decision on Markstrom anyways. 


Good proposal/tough call.

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Markstrom and Tanev are one year rentals.  Markstrom has only looked good under Ian Clark and might not do as well under another goalie coach.  

Buffalo gave up a 1st and Guhle to bring in Montour just 3 months ago.  They wouldn't have given up those assets if they didn't see him part of their long term future.


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Buffalo passes on that. They acquired him.



To Buffalo





To Vancouver



Good player. I think a franchise shakeup between the two teams should happen if the Blues win. The cup race is on.


Any other big pieces we could swap?

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7 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Now you are overpaying. 

I don't think that's overpaying.  Markstrom only has one year left on his deal.  Hutton is realisticall a second or third pairing d-man.  So they'd have to see huge value in Virtanen for Buffalo to go for this.  Nylander has first line potential and they just gave up a first round pick for Montour.  Buffalo still says no, in my opinion.

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2 hours ago, Alflives said:

Then we get the shaft though.  No way we move those two players for a Alex Nylander, and a D man, who can't play D.  

Virtanen and nothing for Risto.  

There isn’t a chance in hell that Virtanen fetches Ristolanen.  

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Decent deal, I think we'd have to give up a bit more though maybe a 2nd round pick or throw in Goldobin too, but that'd work nicely for both teams. We'd be screwed without a good goaltender though and I don't think JB would do that unless Demko really proves himself and I'm sure he doesn't want to break Demko just yet but I'd take that risk for sure for the future and just sign a UFA goalie to carry 40 odd games next season.

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