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[Mafia] Doughty's Check vs Patrick Kane - (Game on)

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4 minutes ago, Alain Vigneault said:


A pragmatic JOAT is the best approach for serving the town.  In fact, I'd argue the JOAT should mentally operate as a sheriff and use the killing power only if they've hit mafia and the thread is not privy to who the mafia is.  This obviously implies that the JOAT is not known to anybody and has had the fortune of surviving multiple rounds.


Self-saving is only beneficial if the JOAT is pressured to come out with their role.  However, that strategy would only work if the JOAT had not yet investigated or placed a kill on a player in that round.  In other words, it's a bad choice (or impossible choice) in a lot of scenarios.

@Blue Jay 22 more info here.

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Summary for sheriff cover because it's especially critical in this setup:


1) Sheriff  JOAT can't PM and needs to hint at their investigations (peeks) in the thread so we can know who's confirmed town/mafia if they die. 

2) Vanilla villagers have to leave fake peeks in the thread to confuse the wolves and conceal the identify of the real sheriff JOAT. i.e. if you're vanilla town you should be trying to convince the mafia that you're the real sheriff.

3) Real and fake peeks don't have to be explicitly stated; they can and should be discrete.


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Just now, Zfetch said:

The JOAT should do 2 sheriff investigations then a VK if they're still alive



They should keep investigating and hide peeks within their posts until they die or have to claim. 


I don't think a VK is appropriate unless they have a scum peek, and it's on someone who won't get lynched easily. OR in an end-game scenario where we need the kill. Vig kills on non-investigated players are almost always a bad play in this setup. 

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Just now, Blue Jay 22 said:

The ambience is reversed now compared to two games ago. I bet falcon is mad as well since you stole his identity right in front of him. At least I hope he is :ph34r:

Thank you!


For finally acknowledging my temporal longevity over B...J.


Also, 45 is biggah than 22..and Falcon's eat BlueJays for a sensual plate of meat that's been gently laid betwixt 2 lovers.


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