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[Mafia] Doughty's Check vs Patrick Kane - (Game on)

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1 hour ago, Beluga Whale said:



They should keep investigating and hide peeks within their posts until they die or have to claim. 


I don't think a VK is appropriate unless they have a scum peek, and it's on someone who won't get lynched easily. OR in an end-game scenario where we need the kill. Vig kills on non-investigated players are almost always a bad play in this setup. 

I disagree 


I actually think the JOATs best path is to do ONLY sheriff investigations and right at the end of round 2, latest time possible before nightfall, post their first two rounds on investigations and then hopefully survive to have a third.


I think the way it plays out the mafia have a 1/9 or 1/8 chance of hitting the JOAT(idk I haven't checked any of the OP breakdown yet just #posters) either way chances are low. JOAT makes it to round 2 and then posts right at the end.

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Best plan then is:


-potato TP potato

-mafia do themselves




r1: vig kill, claim right AT nightfall who they are killing

r2: doc save

r3: doc save

r4: investigation just to surprise them

r5: doc save


Doc save to the bank


Tbh it would work better if they had a VK r2 and investigate r1. Game would reveal itself

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Just now, Zfetch said:

BW should stop getting the Lynch immunity because obviously he CAN be mafia.


Last game was really well played I couldn't even tell the difference before his claim

I mean it's usually more obvious after a few rounds. One of these scenarios usually takes place early:

A) mafia kill me

B) sheriff investigates me

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