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[Discussion] Who would you trade the 10th OA for?

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28 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

I'd give my left nut for Parayko.  Guy's an absolute stud.

I would also give your left nut for parayko, i would even be willing to throw in your right nut to sweeten the pot if necessary.

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6 hours ago, Canckelhead said:

Perry Como

Always thought he was more a product of the environment of the times, and while good, Bing Crosby was the better pick. I'd rather draft Crosby than Perry.

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10 hours ago, Seannnp said:

Which players in the league defenseman or forward would you trade the 10th OA pick/package for?






William Nylander (one for one swap).


Any other “sexy” option being considered in this thread would likely cost a lot more than a first.  


The only reason why Nylander *might* be available at this price is due to Toronto’s cap hell.

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20 hours ago, CaptainLinden16 said:

I would also take Shea Theodore, Any of Phillys top 3 (Provorov, Sanheim, Ghostiberre), Sergachev.  Kyle Connor is big one too, but you would have to add. 


Its a great pick, but if you can get a young player with potential 20-24 years old and producing in the league.  You take that and run.  Especially because you can pick the position this way RD or RW. I get that most of these are actually LW and LD hahahaha; but they are substantial young players.


I would consider Alex Tuch, Colin Miller and 17th overall for 10th overall, 2nd rd pick and 3rd pick.  I really like Tuch and I would prefer drafting a defenseman.  At 17 one of Broberg, Seider or Soderstrom will be available.

That's crazy!! I didn't post it with the original post but Ghost, Theodore and Connor, along with Werenski were the ones I would go after.


For those that are commenting Hughes, McDavid, etc. I don't think that ever happens even if we add (Boeser, Horvat, Petey and Hughes not included)


With Calgary not having a 1st this year, do you think they would give us Hanifin for 10th? 1 for 1?

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12 hours ago, Hindustan Smyl said:

I see names like Werenski, Trouba, and Parayko (etc.) being thrown around, but all of these guys (plus most other names being mentioned in this thread) will cost a lot more than 10thOA.

I don't seriously think the 10th OA would get Parayko.  You'd likely be looking at a deal invoking Boeser to be fair value.

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