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On 6/15/2019 at 9:32 AM, Jaimito said:

Ujiri was denied enter the court to celebrate, and pushed a deputy.  Considering the senseless excess violence on black folks in the US, I think they should just drop the charges. A simple apology should be good enough.  Both sides look stupid.


hey no worries

i think el presidente trumpo

will soon be stepping in

and slapping retaliatory tariffs against canada

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Saw a question online about what the Raps should do if Kawhi leaves......stay the course or rebuild?


I think they should let the UFAs walk, (with the possible exception of McCaw) trade Lowry to a contender and build around Pascal, Fred, OG and maybe Boucher and Powell.


If Kawhi stays, you try and re-sign Gasol and Green on short term deals.

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On 6/18/2019 at 3:08 PM, Down by the River said:

The replies are awesome:



apple time apple time

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On 5/30/2019 at 2:36 PM, Xbox said:

Go Raps! Every state except California, Nevada and Hawaii are rooting for the Raps. They got almost two countries behind them. Nobody but Warriors fans want the Warriors to win another title. Hope they lose and KD walks.




You got everything you wanted. Except I don't think KD is walking too good ::D

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On 6/18/2019 at 1:11 AM, said:

:picard::picard:The sheriff's office says Ujiri struck the deputy in the face and now the deputy's attorney David Mastagni says:

"It was an unprovoked significant hit to the jaw causing a serious concussion and a temporal mandibular joint injury. 

The insult to the injury is by invoking race, because the injured officer's family is African-American. This is a case of credentials versus no credentials, not race."

The sheriff's office says since the incident the deputy has been the target of threats and insults.

But Sheriff's Sergeant Ray Kelly says:

"Our response is we are going to do our job and do it the right way and we are not going to be dissuaded by interference from fans.

This all could have been avoided if the credentials were properly worn and shown."

During Game 4 there was a credible threat that someone was going to come to the Coliseum and do harm."


This guy looking like the biggest bi*ch in the world


“As a direct and proximate result of Defendants’ conduct, Plaintiff ALAN STRICKLAND suffered injury to his head, body, health, strength, nervous system, and person, all of which caused and continue to cause Plaintiff great mental, physical, emotional and psychological pain and suffering,” Strickland stated.


“As a result of the acts and omissions herein complained of, Plaintiff ALAN STRICKLAND suffered great anxiety, embarrassment, anger, loss of enjoyment of life, injury to reputation, and severe emotional and physical distress in an amount to be determined at trial. Plaintiff is entitled to recover all damages resulting from Defendants’ acts, including compensatory damages, general damages, personal injury damages, past and future medical expenses, attorney’s fees, costs, and any other damages the Court deems appropriate.”


Strickland also claims that Ujiri has a “propensity for violence”, a claim that would be otherwise unfounded given Ujiri has never had a criminal history.


NBA and MLSE also named as co-defendants.

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37 minutes ago, Toews said:

What an absolute joke lol. The sheriff playing the victim here when everyone and their dog knew what he was doing. Saying he didn’t recognize Ujiri is a pathetic excuse. 

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