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Mafia: The Game [I Cuori Spezzati] - Nightfall Sunday at 11 PM PST

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41 minutes ago, Master Radishes said:

Also, I didn't say 'in', but I see AV has put me in.


Same warning as last game: my activity will be sporadic and not vintage MR. This statement is not alignment indicative.

Same. I will also be increasingly inactive as the game approaches next week and I figure out what my workload will be like

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4 hours ago, falcon45ca said:

I agree, lock in votes should be discouraged.


It also defeats the entire mechanics of the game, which is discussion. 


Is there ever a punishment for a player breaking a lock vote? It shouldn't be allowed given how often its violated 

I assume if the host allows players to lock votes then votes after a player has locked won't count.

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6 hours ago, Alain Vigneault said:

I'm a bit nervous about this game because I have no idea how mechanics and roles on for all players involved will affect the balance and outcome.  However, a big enough game, by my estimates, should even everything out.


I reiterate, this game is far from vanilla, based on some of my ideas.


Hope it works out :) 

Just out of curiosity, are your ideas things that have been tried before on CDC?

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Just now, Beluga Whale said:

Just out of curiosity, are your ideas things that have been tried before on CDC?

To my knowledge, no.  If they have been used, it was before my time (4-5+ years ago).


I'm not really introducing anything new.  I'm more or less just modifying a role/ability.

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