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OTT & EDM ( Proposal)

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EDM: Lucic, Puljujarvi, #8 OA pick


OTT: Ceci(RFA), Balcers, Boedker, 2019 2nd(#44 OA), cond 2020 2nd

-if Poolparty plays 50+ games EDM gets their latest 2nd rounder; if 70+ games, EDM gets their best 2nd rounder(they hold three of them, currently)


The cap hits would almost balance each other out, but if Oilers deal/walk from Ceci, they could clear their books almost instantly of Looch's hit.




Then in July, OTT should deal with us(Ryan/Loui). Give us a nice prospect to account for the extra dollars owed.

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As much as I like Edmonton to fail....I don't think Holland will trade the 8th overall just to get rid of Lucic.  This team needs all the good picks they need if they want to get out of this mess.


If they want help now, pretty sure they can get a much better deal for their 8th overall and deal Lucic somehow later, but not at the expense of that pick.

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