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My be a pro game mode started out well with 6 points in 5 games with Rimouski. (Playing alongside next years first overall pick).


I got injured in game 5 of the season and missed the next 58 days due to a broken wrist. I got back in and have scored 14 points in my last three games and we remain undefeated since my return. 


Rimouski took a bit of a nose dive in my absence but we are turning things around. We currently sit 3rd in our division in the Q. I'm not sure what position we need to qualify for the Q playoffs but we are pushing hard to try and climb the standings. 


Thankfully we have a supremely talented group here in Rimouski. I'm starting to wonder how much of my success as a player is from playing directly with Alex Laffreine. We will see what happens come the draft if I am fortunate enough to be selected. 


Last I heard I was believed to be a late first / early second rounder. Play as of late may have pushed me up some. The dream would be to be drafted by the same team as Alex. Being able to be reunited in the NHL would be fantastic but obviously those odds are not in our favour. 


I have steadily improved on the faceoff circle and continue to craft my game. Playoffs are the goal and Laffreine is certainly doing his part leading the Q in points. His numbers will only climb now that he has his first line C back (that's me).


I have to be honest... I've been critical of be a pro mode in the past. But this has probably been the most fun I've had playing in an NHL game in quite sometime. I look forward to seeing the season through. Hopefully I can grow enough to escape the Q next season. Although returning without Laffreine to prove myself could be an interesting experience itself. 

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11 hours ago, Rush17 said:

Lots of winning there @Cocolocci . Sounds like a fun franchise mode for sure! Excited to see how some of your youth turn out. 



Make a lot of fun so far.

Won in my 3rd season the 3rd Cup in a row. But I can't win the Presidents Trophy:ph34r:


2nd in the NHL with 109P (52-25-5)

Petey won the Art Ross (40G + 71A), Hart, Lady Bing, Ted Lindsay and Conn Smythe. Brock the Maurice Richard with Ovi (47G).

Playoffs 2022

Jets - Canucks 2-4

Sharks - Canucks 2-4

Blues - Canucks 3-4

Canucks - Flyers 4-3

Top3 scorers

Pettersson 111P (40G + 71A) in 76GP

Miller 92P (29G + 63A)

Boeser 88P (47G + 41A)

Notable trades/ signings 

Markstrom (88) 》 BUF | 1st, 2nd + 3rd'23  》VAN

Puljujarvi (81), 3rd'22 (via WSH) + 4th'22 (via MTL) 》ANA | 1st'22 (29 OA) 》 VAN


2022/2023 1st trophyless season. Don't know why, but all my players morale went down during the RS. And their OA-ratings too (for e.g. Boeser from 91to 85, EP & Hughes from 92 to 89).:blink:

2nd in the NHL with 111P (53-24-5)

Holtz with 18G for 52P won the Calder. Demko (2.13, 92.6%) and DiPietro(2.30, 91.8%) won the W.Jennings 

Playoffs 2023

Sharks - Canucks 0-4

Flames - Canucks 1-4

Blues - Canucks 4-2

Top3 scorers

Horvat 76P (29G + 47A)

Miller 63P (21G + 42A)

Pettersson 61P (16G + 45A)

Edler retired (1127 GP, 114G + 339A, +29, 638 PIM):(


Now finished 2023/2024 with a  7-3 defeat at home in game 7.

2nd NHL with 114P (55-23-4)

Bo won the Hart and Ted Lindsay.

Playoffs 2024

AVS - Canucks 1-4

Sharks - Canucks 2-4

Jets - Canucks 3-4

Bolts - Canucks 4-3 (2nd Cup win in a row for Tampa)

Top3 scorers

Horvat 85P (41 G + 44A)

Pettersson 72P (22G + 50A)

Boeser 68P (32G + 36A)

Woo with 3G for 19P and +14 in his rookie season.


My roster after the 2023/2024 before the Draft'24.


Virtanen (88) - Pettersson (89) - Boeser (87)

Miller (85) - Horvat (C, 89) - Holtz (85)

Hoglander (85) - Gaudette (85) - Lind (84)

Roussel (A, 81) - MacEwen (80) - Motte (79)

Gadjovich (78), Keppen (77), Focht (73)


Hughes (90) - Myers (A, 83)

Juolevi (81) - Woo (82)

Niku (84) - Rafferty (78)

Maas (78), Brisebois (77), Grans (73)


Demko (89)

DiPietro (84)

Stalberg (78)*, Silovs (76)


*2nd Pick'21

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I decided to bail on my Seattle franchise for now. I was losing a lot and I feel I've dealt to many of my picks. I really wanted to stay on point and keep it a realistic franchise mode.


I unfortunately have waivered from that. So I am starting fresh with a Quebec Remparts franchise. This time I actually did all the names, abbreviations, and Jerseys correctly. The first season with Seattle I forgot to put the logo on my jersey lol. 


I have put 2-3 hours into team prep and Jersey customization. I am very excited to get things rolling. Quebec jumped up the draft lottery from 3 to 1. Which is fantastic. There is a rhd named Josh Niedermayer listed 1st overall. A Hedman type of elite hopefully franchise level D up top. 


i will turn on player morale this time and keep fog of war fully on. To enhance the realism. I'm going to take a couple hours exploring all my possible expansion draft variations I could explore. I want to do this right.


i am looking to create a ruleset for myself to follow to improve the realism of the game.


- Something like only permitted 3 trades per season for NHL bound players.


- Playing players in their current slots. 


if you have any other ruleset ideas you think would help please share!

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Josh Niedermayer is slated as the number #1 pick by my scouts and central scouting. However a LHD who is also projected as Elite is my scouts recommended pick. 


i plan on taking Josh for his name. I think having a Niedermayer will invigorate our fan base. I was just wondering though if my scouts have him listed at 2 but they think he's a gem or their preference.


does that mean he's the superior player?


i feel very fortunate to have moved up in the draft lottery. This is the first time I have ever had the opportunity to pick 1st overall in any franchise mode I have done. I am excited for what this pick represents and means to our fanbase.


Update: funny thing on the Josh Niedermayer 1st overall prospect lool. Joshua Niedermayer is Scott's son. He is 15 years old and is a LHD. The simulated version is named Josh but he's a RHD and is eligible in 2020. Lol. I'm going to pretend his scotts kid for the fun of it lol.







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So I just started playing this game, must say I am not enjoying it.  For starters the commentary, wow, how could it get any worse than Doc Emrick?  Well Cybulski pitch shifted is the answer.  Why on earth did they change the pitch of Cybulski and Ferraro voices?  It sounds so brutal.  Next the game play either seems to arcade-ish.  The hitting is far too intense, I got Quin Hughes laying out guys that are 6'4.  Finally the trade offers are comical:  I am getting firsts for Sutter and Myers.  All in all, not really impressed.  

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I overpaid to sign Mikael Granlund in free agency. 85 OA center; 27 years of age.


Paid him 9.15 million per on a 7 year deal that expires when he turns 34. A 64 million dollar contract. Funny enough that is his jersey #.


Definitely an overpayment but we needed a makeshift #1 center until we can draft and develop one. Being competitive out of the gate is essential. We need to match Vegas in competitiveness. 


We approached Backstrom in free agency with an offer of 9.4m x 4 years but he declined. We also managed to get Pietrangelo to re-sign with us after we acquired him in the expansion draft. For some reason the blues didn't protect their captain. He's signed to a very affordable 8.15m per year deal.


We then drafted Josh Niedermayer 1st overall. Even though our Scouts wanted Curtis Foster the shutdown LHD with leadership skills. We went with the fast, skilled, booming shot two way D. Scott's son :).


will post full roster at a later date. We have Burns, Pietrangelo, Pesce, Gustavsson, Sanheim, Jensen, Zadorov, and Niedermayer on D.

upfront we have Granlund, Buchnevich, Kapanen, Cirelli, and others. Can't recall exactly who. We do have Lowry though with his amazing faceoff skills.

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20 hours ago, goalie13 said:

I play.  But I play every single game.  I never sim.  So it takes me a long time to get through each season.

I am the same way! How long are your periods? I do 4 minute periods cuz that takes forever lol

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7 minutes ago, Rush17 said:

I am the same way! How long are your periods? I do 4 minute periods cuz that takes forever lol

Same thing.  You must have WAY more free time than I do.  It takes me a whole year to get through about three seasons.

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I started a sim franchise with Buffalo.  I love the find trade feature.  Noticed after two years I wont have any room to resign Risto and Dahlen so I had to trade Skinner and Okposo.  Then I got a trade offer for Josh Anderson for a 1st - so no hesitation I accepted but I forgot to check his stats.  He was a RFA not resigned and it was after Dec. 1st so I couldn't do anything with him lol.  Anywho Risto and Dahlen skyrocketed and are both 90's but each want $9.5mil/yr.  

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Simmed a bunch of years to see how the franchise fairs.  As expected lot's of cap problems, unsigned RFA's and whack trades.  Vegas won a draft lottery from 14th... and Columbus did the worse I've ever seen a CPU team do, like a full out tank job.  Their roster was ok except for goaltending they had two 70 overall goaltenders?!?  They made a TDL deal and traded Dubois for Mackinnon and Rask.  Way too many stars on different teams, there's no way there is that much turnover in the league.


I think playing with the cap off and only allowing the CPU to trade at the draft and TDL might yield a more realistic experience.  

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On 1/12/2020 at 8:29 AM, Rush17 said:

Is no one else playing NHL 20??

I do play online with the world of Chel. I like to play club over drop in as there are some big time trolls that ruin the experience for most. Beware of the user Bolt-Upright that guy is the biggest troll of them all. Always plays in goal, it’s great to pad the stats whenever you play against him though. I play on PS4 so XBox players should be thankful they don’t ever have to deal with him.

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7 hours ago, Rush17 said:

Wow what a steal for your Sabres franchise.

You bet.  Was a little rusty in my franchise but I followed my strat from last year (minus the franchise goalies which they fixed) and built a powerhouse.  I got 20 amateur scouts at least B+ that uncover all these gems.  Just look for the diamond under their name - noticed two colors red and green.  Green = Gem / Red = Bust.  I swore I saw other colors but couldn't find anything.


Some easy tips for those who are new.




- Every budget take money from scout traveling, promotions and marketing and max out your scout, coaches and arena maintenance.  The first three is not needed, good teams sell tickets regardless - the latter three has to be maxed every year in order for it to grow.  I believe my scouting budget is up to 4mil and staff budget is 7 mil(my coach makes $6mil / year lol).  


- On July 1st, new scouts are added, you must hire them on that day or they'll be gone.  This is where you improve your staff - I'd fire anyone under B- and hire about 3 or 4 scouts a year as long as they're B or higher.


- Ideally you'll want 3 scouts in each CHL league, one for USA West/East and two for USA Central, then at least one scout for every Euro league.


- Once your staff grows you can just auto-scout.  If you want to do it manually say for the WHL - you'll have three scouts.  Have two of them scout players and the other find talent.  




Coaching - I like coaches with the Forward specialty - they are more likely to roll three lines.  When your team rolls three lines you can get by with a thinner lineup.  Coaches grow - so don't be afraid if he has a low grade, mine started as a B- and is now maxed out at A+.  Also naturally you'll have more forwards on your team so that means they'll grow faster potential wise.  I really think a good coach can make or break your team, I am on my second rebuild and won a cup with two 80ovr goalies with a pretty thin lineup.  Problem is asst. coaches will want to be promoted.      





You really have to pay attention to your RFA's - offer them an extension in the preseason as they'll only want more.  Make sure you'll have the cap room to resign them.  I had to trade my top goalie prospect as a sweetener to get rid of Okposo's contract - also had to trade Skinner so I could resign Dahlen and Risto(they wanted $9mil/yr each).  A good player (mid 80's) should net you a first and a decent prospect.



Be ready to see a lot of movement after a couple of years.  Lot's of unsigned RFA's too.  My next franchise I am turning the cap off - I am 8 years in and the cap is only around $100mil.  The top player is making $18mil/yr.  


When drafting (Elite - Low) > (Top 6 - Med).  Put those players(like the one I posted above) on the top line to maximize their potential.  


Cap dump trades are easier to complete during the draft.

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