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[GDT] 2019 NHL Entry Draft

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“We have a trade to announce... I think you’re going to like this. The Vancouver Canucks trade the 10th overall pick in this year’s draft to the New Jersey Devils for Jack Hughes. New Jersey, you’re up.”













I can dream right?

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2 hours ago, 18W-40C-6W said:

Omg!!!! Why JB why!!! Wtf!!!  What are you doing!!  I knew it, what a disaster this  is!!! 


Just getting that nonsense out of the way for when JB steals another Petey and everyone soils their pampers and has a tantrum



except most won't realize his coup

for another 10 months or more :P

and only then will the complaining wind down

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52 minutes ago, Mathew Barzal said:

All these rumours are giving me anxiety. I just want a quiet draft and a quiet offseason please. Let the rebuild unfold naturally. 

Bro..:picard:Lucic,Loui,Nylander,Big peter Chiarelli would be a Instant Stanley Cup

JB get it done

Sorry for everyother bad contract in the NHL i forgot..We have a spot for you 2








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1 hour ago, BlueDragon23 said:

If anyone is attending the draft, please provide some pictures if you’d be so kind. I’ll be PVRing it but I’d like to see from a fans perspective. Mostly for us island folk who work till 5:00 <_<

Same here, except I start at 5pm. :picard:


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Wow officially GDT.


excited / nervous 


So many scenarios here can unfold.


trade up, trade down, trade the pick in a package for a player, take the bpa @ 10!


I would love a scenario that involved us leaving with one of Hughes/Byram. JB would be a hero but it ain’t happppening.


Zegras if he falls or we can trade up without giving up much to get him I’d be super stoked. So many players to like this draft though as long as we pick top 15 we are guaranteed a solid player.


Lets go!!

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