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NHL Salary Cap [2019-2020]

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Obviously the Canucks have to think about the future, but in the immediate future, they might be in a good position to help out teams that are up at the ceiling of the cap:




Probably the top team in terms of ratio of salary remaining to players that need to be signed. 


Teams that the Canucks could "help":









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Solid write up.  I love how it shows the actual rosters as well.  Stunned how the Yotes are so close to the cap 


But I would 100% target Vegas, Edmonton and the Caps in terms of usable space for picks/prospects so long as the contract coming back isn't longer than 2 years

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2 hours ago, Borvat said:

This is why I don't want them to rush into a trade.  Wait until some teams are squeezed like lemons and reap the juice baby.

With Kapanen apparently close to a deal with TO and less then 7 left ... what about Marner....what about Johsson?...bye bye Gardiner etc...


ONE of those guys has to be traded even with a cap dump with Zaitsev...wow they are in for a world of hurt...

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2 hours ago, captainhorvat said:

What was the cap last year? Did it go up or down?

Up by $2M.


Was $79.5M. Now $81.5M.


It was projected however to reach up to $83M, according to Buttman mid way through last season.

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16 hours ago, KelownaCanucksFan said:

Colorado is going to be screwed in 4-5 years with all their young players, Landeskog & Mackinnon needing contracts, also Rantanen needs a new deal this summer and will likely get around 8-10 million. their time is now to take a run at it while they have Makar Girard etc on ELC contracts 

With the emergence of Makar, I think Colorado's window just opened.  They'll have those 4-5 years to make a run at it, which is what most teams have after a good rebuild.  If Byram/Newhook turn into anything they're supposed to be in the next year or 2, look out... the Avs have built a solid team over there.

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