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Vasily Podkolzin | #92 | RW


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Podz is a gamer. The more I watch him the more I see a mix of JT Miller and Burrows Aka Horvat 2.0.

He’s got the skill to be elite imho, but he’s got the hockey sense and mind to play a responsible game. Most game breakers are not very truly defensively responsible, most cheat a bit. Players like Crosby who play as great at both ends are hall of famers and few and far between. Petey is showing he has the compete of Crosby to be great at both ends, time will tell. But look at McDavid, Mathews, Kane, etc, they all cheat offensively, some more than others. 

My point here is, Podz seems to be a leader and team first, so mentally his attitude is don’t cheat. I bet if he did he could light it up but it’s not in his DNA. 

He’s already got a refined pro game imho. He looks better than Bo at that age and look how Bo progressed, and I think he’s definitely got more natural skill than Cappy! 

He’s going to be a top 6 winger, my bet is he’s going to be a 65 pt player in his prime, and maybe push 80 plus in his best year (if he plays w Petey). 

Really love seeing canucks prospects being selected as captains of national teams. It says a great deal about them! Can’t wait to see this kid in a Canucks uni!

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Just now, Millsy said:

Lol people saying this kid doesn’t have too 6 skill? Have they seen his goals and passing? Well done JB, another steal

Well they don't actually WATCH the games.  They check the score afterward and come in here to tell us all about it though.

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