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Again absolutely mystifying how Podkolzin is treated. Comes back from a stellar Karjala Cup plays first line mins and gets two points and arguably his best game for SKA of the season.  Becomes a healthy scratch the next game, and then the 13th forward.



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2 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

There was speculation that Zlodeyev was injured no?


I think he could still be added.

They have to make 3 more cuts.  They've now added the players playing in North America.  


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SKA's yoyo deployment of Podz has got to be frustrating for him. Can't wait for him to leave that $&!# show for a few weeks and play lights out for Russia at the World Juniors. Then he can go back to the KHL, play "a bit" per game until his contractual obligations are fulfilled and he can head west.

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18 hours ago, Herberts Vasiljevs said:

He's really not... it's based on a Russian site that greatly exaggerates player's height/weight. It's worse than the NBA. Somebody posted a few pages back in this thread from a legit source that he's about 6'1".

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