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55 minutes ago, canuck2288 said:

It’s laughable reading posts from arm chair keyboard warriors that clearly have never stepped on the ice in their lives 


Somehow these clowns are now prospect experts


I am ordering you all (you know who you are) to cease immediately and leave the talent commentary to the few people on this forum that actually know hockey 


I have been busy so that that leaves approximately 5 others that are allowed to comment


in the meantime let me offer some advice:


- the scoresheet rarely tells the story

- did the player pick up his check?

- did he get into the correct offensive position?

- did he make passes or set up plays that were not converted? 
- does he handle adversity with poise?

- what Is his breakout and retreat speed?

- puck handling skill?

- ice vision?

- corner strength?

- does he lead by example?

- shot quality?

- overall hockey IQ?


all this can be seen and evaluated regardless of competition 


you are welcome fir the tips you clueless fools that attempt to actually k is the game (you know who you are)


oh, and Happy New Year





To be fair, you don't have to have played high level hockey to know these things and not be a moron :lol:

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2 minutes ago, SergioMomesso said:

I like how he wants the puck on his stick all the time. Made some slick dishes far. 

yeah I can imagine what Petey would do with passes that good, lots of players have really good shots but average/good passing but Podz has both, and will only get better with a lot more playing time than he got in Europe.. He reminds me of a young Horvat except a bit meaner... sick pick by JB, stealllllll! 

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