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Nils Hoglander | #21 | LW

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think it might be a good idea to send him down to the AHL like they did with Podz.  It is really helping Podz.  Hogz just doesn't look like he belongs right now.  When you notice what he is doing wrong more than what he does right there is a problem. B)

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On 11/25/2022 at 7:07 AM, Boudrias said:

Just to rub salt I will mention that Big Mac is playing 15 minutes a game and producing just under 0.5 ppg. He plays the heavy game and drops them for his team mates. Torts loves him. 

Can't say this aged too well, 2 1/2 weeks later, he's at 8 points in 27 games. Don't get me wrong - that's still very reasonable production given what else he brings to the table - though one has to wonder if his prior production was just a bit of a flash in the pan, or he really has the potential to play like that consistently. 

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8 hours ago, saucypass said:

This kid can play anywhere in the lineup. His compete level is great especially for a smaller player. Can't give up on Hogz, he has real potential. 

Hogs is without a doubt a keeper. He generates play, plain and simple. Top that with his hits, 2 nice ones last night. Lower body strength helps his play. Getting stronger on the d-side. You can see him looking around for his check a lot. 

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1 hour ago, iBlueGreen said:

It looks like Nils got some top end speed and sleeker since the last game.  Even the NHL.com has a sleeker version of him in his background image, with a different number:


That’s right, he had a breakaway last game through as pass from Petey. Might’ve gained some height too… 

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I haven't watched an entire Canucks game in some time now, but was able to see the 3rd period last night.

Hogs has never been a favourite of mine, but last night's game shows that his development is trending

upward. I was impressed by how much his game has improved.  Given his age, he is still a long way from

his peak, which may end up being huge for the Canucks going forward.

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I really liked the look of the Garland-Dries-Hog line last game. Don't get me wrong they are small but they all have a bit of bite/snarl to their respective games which you need when you're a smaller player. When Hogs laid out 6'6" Zohorna you just knew that line wasn't taking any sh*t from anyone and they were rewarded for it.  

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55 minutes ago, Alflives said:

Guys on 650 suggesting Pods and Hogs are sent down to get them out of the mess up here. 

Sounds like a good idea, but for the big club swiping Abby's top 2 goalies and leading scorer.  Last I heard

Alvin was sniffing around Abby's top dman as well.


Hopefully the minor team can handle the disappointment of losses better than the parent club.

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