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Who's Cheering for Goldy & Jake?

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Johnny Torts

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Here are some of my many questions surrounding Goldy:


1. Does he work hard?


Coach Green says he's really trying, and listens.


2. He's 23, He played 38 games the year prior to last, and 63 games last year. Are we ready to give up on him?


This one kills me because last year was his first full-ish year and like many first year players outside the Van-City microscope, they struggle from time to time. I mean, the kid DID have 8 G and 6 A in the 38 games he played prior to last year which was without EP40. 


He does not actually have 4 full years of experience in the NHL. He had 63 Games last year, half season the year prior and not much besides that.


2015-2016: 9 NHL Games with SJS

2016-2017: 2 Nhl Games with SJS, 2 With VAN


3. Does he have a spot on this team?


I think Goldy has just as much of a spot as JV. 


4. Speaking of JV, who do you think is closer to breaking out and becoming a top 6 stud?


They are different players, and have different issues. Jake needs to use his frame more and Goldy needs to let go of the puck quicker. Plain and simple. That's how cut and dry their situations are when I watch them play every night. There have been instances where we see them doing this, which makes us hungrier for that version of them. 


The Breakout:


Jake uses straight line speed and gets the puck into the O-Zone.


Goldobin makes some very nice dekes to get into the O-Zone. Please Goldy, shoot the puck or use the playmaking ability we've seen to make a pass. Don't hold on to it for that long. 


I see Kapanen in Goldy next year. I feel the issues surrounding him are minimal, and if he's coachable, they can be fixed. Im talking video, drills, or maybe even puck handling classes if he really cant give up the puck a second faster.


(funny enough, when I looked Kasperi up, they have a similar GP history, and a similar stat line, Kapanen with the edge of course)


Let the community know what your thoughts on these players are! Go Canucks Go!


We have such a passionate fan base but lets give it to JB for stealing Podkolzin and Hoglander at the draft, and adding a top-6 player to our roster! With what we have now in Petey and Brock and Quinn and Bo etc, we have to actively start trying to win, because all the pieces are there, or hopefully will be after FA & trade.

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I'd love to see them reach their max potential. Jake I still have a ton of hope for and think he needs to be utilized different and given more time with better players. 


Goldy...I just don't see it. Too soft and continually makes such bad plays. He had that 10 game window where I thought he was getting it but then Green just pretty much shut him down for the year. At this point I'd be happy to see him packaged for for picks / D man etc. 

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I think the organization has shown great patience with both players. 


With Jake, most of us knew he was going to be an NHL player in some capacity - but we also all wanted him to live up to his draft position.  It is just so frustrating to see his slow progress with all those skills, and as long as we forget his draft position I truly think he should be an important part of this team. I have always believed his ceiling to be an elite 3rd liner like Raffi Torres for us, and I still believe that today. (Though if he did have a breakout year, I am happy to be wrong).


Goldy is an enigma. He has obvious skill, but he just hasn't absorbed the "other" things he is being taught very well.  Before he was benched permanently, I actually thought I saw improvement there. I am really cheering for this guy, but I fear he may have limited opportunities to be given good ice time and another true shot. I would hate to give up on him, but he absolutely has to step it up this season because this will be his last with us otherwise.


I actually really like Goldy. He hasn't complained, and has been pretty classy outwardly to the media.  He even completely danced around a reporter's question as to whether or not he feels he has a future in Vancouver.  (What a question.) It would be amazing if he managed to find his game - both for our team and for himself. Heck - nothing saying a Goldy-X-Podkolzin line couldn't happen. But with Leivo, Baertschi, Pearson, and Virtanen, he is in tough company to try to secure those final top 6 minutes.


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First full seasons here:


Goldy 63 GP - 7g 20a  27pts -10

Ice time per game = 14:59 total - 2:33 pp time per game

Giveaways 33, takeaways 20


Vey 75 GP -  10g 14a 24pts -3 

Ice time per game =  13:10 total - 1:52 pp time per game

Giveaways 28, takeaways 25


Fans wanted Vey gone asap - fans want Goldobin to stay. I don't really see much difference other than Goldy getting more opportunity.



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I think Jake is doing just fine,he's been progressing every year we've had him.I think it's too early to give up on him,play him tons with better players and see what happens...he's not worth much now if you trade him!

Goldobin maybe give him a one last cheap prove yourself or gone contract!

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Goldobin got gifted lots of opportunities last year and not only didn't produce, he didn't put in much of an effort.   He's useless in the bottom 6 and there's no room for him in the top 6.  He could still put it together, but it won't be here.  Virtanen needs to be given his shot in the top 6 now that he's proven to be capable of handling a 3rd line role.

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I'm pulling for both of them because they are both young, skilled and great on the budget if they find success.


The difference between the two is Virtanen can play through the lineup, Goldy is a top six or bust.


Their failures are Virtanen's off season needs to devoted to strength and conditioning and Goldy has got to "grow some" and learn how to play a man's game!


Good luck to both of them, their time is now!

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Where is all this JV developing fine crap coming from? He has looks in the top 6 before or on the pp and he has looked terrible.


Goldie has looked good in flashes.


Not sure what kind of crack most people are smoking but JV looks terrible and Goldie has his moments.

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14 minutes ago, oldnews said:

Virtanen is a no-brainer / keeper who worst case is an excellent complement to Sutter on the shudown line, best case steps up and seizes a role on Horvat's wing.


But I can't see where Goldy makes a place for himself on this roster.


Miller EP Boeser

Pearson Horvat (Baer/Virt/LE/Leivo)

Roussel Sutter Virtanen

Leivo/Granlund Beagle Motte


I give him a not very good chance of taking minutes from Pearson - or earning that 2RW spot.

Bottom six he just doesn't cut it.


If there were injuries to Baertschi, Pearson, etc - maybe an opening for another shot for Goldy - perhaps they keep him around for that contingency and because he has such creative upside when he is applying himself - but down the stretch last year he just nowhere near maintained the kind of attention to detail without the puck - or the aggressiveness necessary - to stick - and his opportunities are only tightening as this team distills.


Tough battle ahead for Goldy - if he's not moved - or if he's even qualified.




it will be tough for him to find a spot, if he's even here.


with his skills, he would be best suited for a second line role, & his opportunity might be there. Leivo isn't a 2nd player, LE is a question mark, Rou is out till what, xmas? that leaves baer, but as mentioned, how long will he be healthy? Spooner? Schaller? hmm.. 


that said, Goldy has glaring holes in his hand that would need to be addressed before any kind of committed time. 

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